UAEJJ In Los Angeles!!! Sunday Oct 18th

UAJJ In Los Angeles

UAJJ In Los AngelesGet ready Los Angeles, one of the largest promoted Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments is being held here in So Cal by the UAE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation on Sunday, October 18th.

If you have not competed or spectated at one of UAE Jiu Jitsu tournaments, you’re missing out!

The federation known for hosting its World Pro Trials & World Pro Championship in Abu Dhabi, is going to be hosting a Grand slam event, with cash prizes up to $2000. The event will be held at the Asuza Pacific University in Los Angeles, and is set to be an epic one.

If you’re familiar with the federations Jiu Jitsu tournaments, you will know that the events are very professionally ran, with usually the top competitors from blue to black participating. Such a Clark Gracie, Keenan Cornelius, Roberto Satoshi, the Miyao brothers, Edwin Najmi, and Michael Liera… & the list goes on.

The federation is making tremendous efforts in hosting tournaments worldwide to help professionalize the sport. The Grand Slam tournament tour started in Tokyo japan, and continues to Rio de Janeiro following Los Angeles.

The tournament has an open registration, set to close soon so if you haven’t registered for the event hit this link: to do so. Expect to see a lot of competition at the event, and stay tune for the events in your local areas. You don’t want to miss them!

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