UFC 194 Matches to Make

Conor McGregor vs. Frankie Edgar
McGregor may think that Lightweight is in his future and that is okay if he really cannot make 145 anymore, but the bottom line is he can. McGregor needs to fight Edgar, because he deserves his title shot and he has a damn good shot at beating the new champion, or Aldo if he had won the title. This is the fight that needs to happen, because as the adage goes you are not the champion until you defend your belt.

Jose Aldo vs. Max Holloway
A lot of people are calling of an instant rematch but there is two problems with that. He was knocked out in 13 seconds and Holloway and Edgar need to fight for the title, at least one of them. With Edgar a little more deserving, which is crazy considering Holloway has won eight straight. Give the Hawaiian the former champion and let the winner fight for the title. There is never anything wrong with making a former champion earn their rematch.

Luke Rockhold vs. Yoel Romero
Rockhold won the belt and Romero essentially earned his title shot by getting the decision over Jacare. Now, the new champion needs to defend his belt against the hard hitting Cuban. It may be out a little due to the champion having a few injuries to heal up, but it should be a good fight for everyone involved.

Chris Weidman vs. Ronaldo Souza
There is not too many contenders in the Middleweight division, but Souza nearly earned a title shot, and a lot of people think that he won the fight. Also, Weidman made one mistake and lost his title. Let these two fight it out for a title shot since both of them were very close to getting to either keeping their title or getting their title shot.

Demain Maia vs. Tyron Woodley
Maia nearly earned himself a title shot so why not have him fight the person that supposedly is next in line. Also, just because someone misses weight does not mean that you get to fight for a title. Maia has beaten some young up and comer, so let him fight Woodley early in the year to get the next fight after the fight between Condit and Lawler.

Urijah Faber vs. Bantamweight Champion
Faber may not be the most deserving or the biggest challenge for the Bantamweight fight, but the bottom line is that he is the biggest money fight for 135. Plus, it will get the champion off of FS1 where the current fight between Dillashaw and Cruz are fighting. Also, there is a good storyline for either one of those fights.

Tecia Torres vs. Rose Namajuanas
Torres and Namajuanas are the best choices for the next title fight, but Gadelha is already in line for her rematch with Joanna. This sets up the rematch between Torres and Namajuanas to earn their title fight. Rose proved herself to be one of the best with her best performance over PVZ and Torres has continued to win despite not fighting the biggest names in the division.

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