This Saturday night all sports fans are invited toUFC 63: HUGHES vs. PENN party atCHAMPPS Aspen Grove hosted by RINGOF FIRE.

The Rivalry is Renewed:

When the top fighters in the world battle for title,honor and bragging rights, the world pays attention.When the fighters are the legendary Matt Hughesand BJ “The Prodigy” Penn, the world awaitsdestruction. Expect all-out war when Hughes andPenn face off for the second time at the ArrowheadPond of Anaheim, California, on September 23.

Hughes and Penn first battled for the title two yearsago. In one of the biggest upsets in history, Hughestapped out of a surprise rear-naked choke after 4:39in the first round and Penn became champion.However, Hughes later regained the title by defeatingCanadian MMA champ Georges St. Pierre, and Hughesand Penn never fought again.

Until now. Tune in on September 23 and watchHughes and Penn settle unfinished business.

The RING OF FIRE UFC 63 Party will again be at it’snewlocation. For the past three years all theROF-UFC ppv events have been held at Red & Jerrys.ROF was informed at the last event that Red & Jerryswillnow expect MMA fans to pay a cover charge. ROFdid not want it’s fans andsponsors to have to pay a fee, so they decidedto move the party to CHAMPPS SPORTS BARlocated just south on Santa Fe. The UFC 63 eventwill be shown free of charge to all ROF/MMAfans.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About CHAMPPS

Champps Aspen Grove offers portions tosatisfy even the healthiest of appetites.Selections include everything frompasta dishes, hamburgers, steaks, wings,classic and unique sandwiches and muchmore. It’s hard not to find something for everybodywith Champps huge, 100 + item menu.After years of having huge Bronco parties, Champpsis excited to have ROF-MMA fans in the house. Thefacility is equipped with stadium seating, two videowalls, and 50″ plasma TV’s throughout the building.There isn’t a bad seat in the house.

DIRECTIONS: CHAMPPS Aspen Grove islocated at 7301 S. Santa Fe Drive inside the AspenGrove shopping center. For more info please call303.707.0333Website: http://www.champps.com


RING OF FIRE is one the top MMA promotionsin the United States. ROF has promoted sold outevents in multiple states for the past 6 years. ROFwas the very first officially sanctioned MMA event inthe state of Colorado. The promotion has areputation of being a launch pad for athletes in thesport. ROF athletes have gone on to compete in thetop fight organizations around the world.Website: http://www.rofmma.com

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