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On a cool evening in southern California fans were treated to a night of MMA fighting as UFC 63 came back to the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim.On a cool evening in southern California fans were treated to a night of MMA fighting as UFC 63 came back to the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim. The auditorium was almost sold out as fans waited to see BJ Penn fight Matt Hughes.

In the first fight of the evening David Lee fought Tyson Griffin.

In the first round David Lee throws a flying knee at Griffin. Griffen takes his back. David Lee tries an ankle lock but misses. Griffen takes his back and secures a body triangle. Griffen gets the rear naked choke and Lee taps out with 3:10 left in the first round.

In the second fight Danny Abbadi fought Jorge Gurgel

Round 1Fighters touch gloves. Jorge throws a roundhouse kick and gets taken to the ground. Jorge pulls a rubber guard on Danny. Both fighters are restarted. Both fighters exchange punches Jorge tries to kick but gets hit with a right. Both fighters exchange punches again. Jorge dos a flying arm bar but Danny gets out of it. Jorge tries a standing guillotine then drops for an ankle lock but once again Danny escapes. Round 2Fighters meet in the center of the ring. Exchange punches standing toe to toe. Jorge takes down Danny. Jorge does a good ground and pound on Danny. Jorge tries to secure a couple of chokes but is unable to finish them.

Round 3 Jorge pushes the action while Danny continues to backtrack. Jorge and Danny exchange some good shots. Danny has good hands when he punches it out with Jorge but Danny continues to backtrack. Danny has good counters to Jorge’s kicks but does not follow up with them. The fight goes to the judges with Jorge winning a split decision.

In the third fight Mario Neto fought Eddie Sanchez

Round 1Both fighters exchange punches in the center of the ring. Sanchez pulls guard and moved over to the fence. Sanchez gets back up then goes back into half guard. Both fighters stand back up. Sanchez throws some leg kicks but does not want to go to the ground with Neto. Both fighters end the round with punches.

Round 2Both fighters take single shots at each other. Sanchez catches Neto with an overhand right which knocks him to the ground. Sanchez starts his ground and pound fighting and hits Neto several more times on the ground. Sanchez knocks out Neto at 17 seconds in the first round.

In the fourth fight Jason Dent fought Roger Huerta Round 1 Fighters touch gloves and Huerta tries a take down but Dent defends against it. Huerta is an aggressive fighter with punches and knees. Dent throws a spin kick but is taken down by Huerta. Huerta picks Dent up from the guard and carries him over to the fence where he slams him. Dent keeps guard and Huerta lands some big punches. Both fighters go back to their feet and exchange kicks and punches. Dent throws another spin kick and Huerta takes him down and gets a scarf position against him. Dent moves to half guard takes a couple of elbows as the round ended. Round 2Both fighters meet in the center of the ring and exchange punches. Huerta pushes the action. Dent pulls guard and Huerta lands a few big shots on Dent. Both fighters go back to feet where Huerta lands several punches and scores a take down. Dent sweeps Huerta and Huerta reverses it. Huerta lands some more shots. Both fighters stand up and exchange punches then end up in Dent’s guard.

Round 3 Dent found his distance with his punches and Huerta lands a nice kick. Dent throws a knee and is taken down. Referee starts the fighters on their feet. Dent is pressing the action more this round. Both fighters land knees on each other and Dent pulls guard. Dent tries to secure a triangle but is unable to. Huerta lands several good shots. Huerta makes his way to the half guard and drops elbows. Huerta wins by unanimous decision.

In the fifth fight former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver fought Joe Lauzen

In the first round Joe secures a single leg take down on Pulver. Both fighters get back to their feet and Joe catches Pulver with an overhand left to the chin. Pulver goes down and Joe finishes the fight with several punches to the head. The fight ends by knock out at 48 seconds in the first round.

In the sixth fight of the evening Jason Lambert fought Rashad Evans

Round 1Both fighters punch at each other end up against the fence. Rashad throws Lambert to the ground. Rashad gets to Lamberts back throws some punches. Both fighters back to their feet. Rashad picks up Lambert and throws him back to the ground. Lambert works a Kimura but can not fully secure it. Both fighters end up on their feet throughout the round with Rashad taking Lambert down throughout the round.

Round 2Rashad shoots in and gets a single leg takedown on Lambert. Lambert works a Kimura but can not get it. Rashad gets Lambert back and lands several punches. Both fighters end up back on their feet. Rashad gets a double leg takedown and mounts Lambert. Rashad lands about six big punches and knocks out Lambert at 2:27 in the second round.

In the seventh fight of the evening Melvin Guillard fought Gabe Ruediger

Round 1Melvin throws a kick but is shot in against by Gabe. Melvin throws Gabe to the ground but does not follow up with many punches. Melvin and Gabe return to their feet. Gabe gets Melvin against the fence. Melvin ends up in Gabe’s guard. Melvin drops in some big punches. Both fighters end up on their feet. Melvin throws some big punches and catches Gabe with a left. Gabe ends up pulling guard on Melvin. Melvin does not want to fight on the ground and motions for Gabe to stand back up. Melvin throws a kick and is taken down by Gabe. Melvin gets back up and throws some punches. Gabe tries an arm bar but Melvin rolls out of it and gets back up but is put against the fence by Gabe. Gabe gets a takedown on Melvin. Gabe gets the mount against Melvin. Melvin rolls and gives up his back and Gabe works the rear naked choke hold. The round ends with Gabe on Melvin’s back.

Round 2Melvin throws Gabe down but both fighters get back to their feet. Melvin throws some big shots and Gabe looks fatigued. Melvin lands two straight body shots to Gabe’s midsection to end the fight. Melvin wins by TKO at 1:01 in the second round.

In the eight fight of the evening Mike Swick fought David Loiseau

Round 1Fighters touch gloves in the center. Swick throws a spin kick and lands it to David’s midsection. Each fighter exchange knees against the fence. Swick throws some good upper cuts and punches and throws another spin kick. Swick takes David to the ground and takes his back but David is able to get out of it.

Round 2Swick throws a spin kick and lands; David returns the favor and throws a spin kick which misses. Swick throws a flying knee and is put against the fence. Swick ends up taking David to the ground and ends the round in David’s half guard.

Round 3David picks up the pace and throws a kick. Swick takes him down and lands several good shots. Swick stands back up. David presses the action and lands a couple of good elbows on Swick. Swick tries a take down but misses. David now presses with more punches and takes Swick to the ground. David throws several more elbows but Swick is able to get to his feet. Swick takes David to the ground where the fight ends. Swick wins the by unanimous decision.

The last fight of the evening was Matt Hughes verses BJ Penn for the light heavyweight championship.

Round 1Penn and Hughes meet in the center of the ring and feel each other out. Hughes throws a kick and tries a single leg takedown against Penn. Penn shows great defense against the takedown and ends up against the fence. Penn throws a punch and accidentally catches Hughes in the right eye with his thumb. The Doctors give Hughes the OK to continue the fight. Hughes gets caught with a punch and is bleeding from the mouth. Hughes tries more takedowns but Penn has excellent take down defense.

Round 2 Hughes and Penn throw punches at each other. Hughes goes for single leg and holds onto his ankle until Penn pulls guard. Hughes can not pass the guard but lands some good elbows. Penn uses a rubber guard on Hughes and almost secures an arm bar on Hughes. Hughes throws another elbow and Penn takes Hughes back. Penn secures a reverse triangle and tries to transition it into an arm bar as the round ends.

Round 3 Both fighters look tired as Hughes throws a leg kick. Hughes gets Penn with several punches and Penn opts to go to the ground. Hughes gets side control and pins Penn’s left arm with his leg. Hughes throws 16 punches to Penn’s head where the referee stops the fight at 3:52 seconds in the round.

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