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UFC 65 Bad IntentionsNovember 19, 2006Sacramento CAOn this night the UFC sold out the Arco Arena in Sacramento Ca. It was the much awaited match up between Matt Hughes and George “Rush” St. Pierre. Many people do not know but northern California has hosted the largest MMA competition to date.

In the first fight of the night Josh Shockman fought Jake O’Brien. This fight was not televised.

In this fight Jake O’Brien scores many takedowns to win the fight by decision.

In the second fight of the evening James Irvin fought Hector Ramirez

Round 1

Irvin comes out and lands a few leg kicks. Irvin tries another kick but is taken to the ground by Ramirez. Ramirez takes Irvin’s back. Irvin escapes but Ramirez continues to get the back of Irvin. Irvin stands up tries a spinning back fist but misses. The round ends.

Round 2

Both fighters feeling each other out. Irvin lands a kick and Ramirez lands about 8 good punches to Irvin. Irvin throws a leg kick and then a superman punch which knocks Ramirez down. Irvin kicks Ramirez in the ribs then goes to the ground and pound landing elbows to Ramirez’ head. Irvin wins by TKO at 2:36

In the third fight Sherman Pedergarst fought Antonio Hardonk. Sherman took this fight with only two weeks notice and Hardonk is an Ernesto Hoost (World Champion Thai-boxer) student.

In the first round Sherman goes across the ring and takes several knees from Hardonk. Sherman takes Hardonk to the ground. Hardonk works a guard but Sherman has the upper hand. The referee stands the fighters back up due t lack of action. Sherman looks tired and Hardonk starts with the leg kicks. Hardonk throws a jab and right followed by a vicious leg kick to Sherman which drops Sherman and ends the fight at 3:15 in the first round.

In the fourth fight of evening Nick Diaz fought Gleison Tibau. This fight was not televised?? Nick Diaz is big name and I feel fans should be treated to a Diaz fight. Diaz wins this fight in the second round by TKO

In the fifth fight Joe Stevenson fought Dokonjonosuke Mishima

In the first round Mishima puts Joe on the mat. Joe works a guillotine choke but can not finish it. Mishima works to side control where Joe is working a second guillotine. Joe can not get the hold and pulls guard. Mishima passes is guard to side control but is caught in a guillotine hold by Joe and is forced to tap at 2:07 of the first round. Stevenson wins by submission.

In the sixth fight Brandon Vera fought Frank Mir.

In the first round Vera throws a left hook then a right punch and knee to bring Mir to the ground. Vera works a crucifix hold side control on Mir. Vera then switches to the ground and pound to end the fight at 1:09 in the first round. Vera does is surfer dance and takes home a big victory over Mir.

In the seventh fight Alessio Sakara fought Andrew Mc Fedries. Sakara is known for his boxing skills and Andrew is known as a brawler.

In the first round both fighters are exchanging some big shots on each other. Sakara lands a good knee and a right which knocks Andrews’s mouth piece out. Both fighters exchanging great shots taking turns landing the better combos. Andrew catches Sakara with a big upper cut which knocks him down. Andrew goes in for the ground and pound and Sakara taps out due to the punches. Andrew beats a boxer with his hands at 4”07 of the first round.

In the eighth fight Tim Sylvia defended his heavy weight title against submission specialist and OTM sponsored fighter Jeff Monson. This is the only fight of the evening to go the distance.

Round 1

Monson tries to shoot in but Tim sprawls. Both fighters exchanging single punches with neither one wanting to commit. Monson shoots in again and tries to hold Tim’s leg. Tim sprawls. This continues through the first round with the sprawls then single punches from both fighters. Silva throws a roundhouse kick which misses to end the round. I scored the first round 10-9 Monson. I felt Monson pushed the action.

Round 2

Monson lands a good shot on Silvia. Monson shoots in but Silvia sprawls and wants nothing to do with the ground work. Silvia now using his hands a little better but neither fighter lands big punches. The round ends this way. I felt Silvia won the round 10-9 for the better use of his hands this round.

Round 3

Monson gets the takedown and is working inside of Silvia’s guard. Silvia lands some punches and Monson tries to work his ground and pound. Due to Silvia’s size he is able to keep Monson from reaching his head with the strikes. Monson passes Silvia’s guard and tries for a guillotine choke. Silvia escapes and both fighters are standing. Silvia lands a knee to end the round. Monson 10-9 for his dominance on the ground.

Round 4 Monson shoot in but Silvia ends up in side control and tries for an American lock on Monson. Monson gets out the hold. Monson escapes by going under Silvia’s legs and both fighters are now standing. Monson shoots in gets Silvia to the ground and Silvia tries a triangle choke on Monson but is unable to finish it. Silvia 10-9 for his control and submission attempts.

Round 5

Monson appears to be very tired and Silvia appears to be in better shape. Neither fighter appears to want to do anything but fake punch at each other. John McCarthy stops the fighters and tells them they are here to fight and need to fight. Both fighters exchange single punches with not much happening in this round. Tim Silvia defends his title and wins the decision. This was a big fight for Silvia to be able to roll on the ground with a person like Monson and actually be able to try several submissions.

In the ninth and final fight of the evening Matt Hughes put his title on the line against George ‘Rush” St. Pierre.

Round 1

Rush throws several leg kicks and punches. Matt tries his punches but Rush has better kicks and punches. Rush lands a low kick which slid up the leg of Matt. The fight is stopped for a few seconds but Matt continues. Rush lands a second unintentional low kick to Matt and the fight is stopped again. The fight resumes and Rush lands a punch and takes Hughes to the mat. Hughes stands back up and Rush lands a knee to his body. Rush hits Hughes with several punches which knocks Hughes to the ground as the round ends. Rush 10-9 even with the two low kicks.

Round 2

Rush works his leg kicks. Rush lands a roundhouse kick to the side of Hughes head which drops him to the ground. Rush goes in for the ground and pound and lands a few good elbows. The referee stops the fight at 1:25 and Rush wins the world title.

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