UFC Announces New Year Schedule

The UFC is not one to wait around and rest on their laurels. Even though they have one of the busier ends of the years in recent years, with their go big event, they are still looking toward the beginning of next year before even one of those “Go Big” events lands down for the fans. No fights for these cards have been announced, but we can only assume quick turnarounds for the UFC champions since nearly all of them have fights lined up outside of the Heavyweight and Flyweight champion.

We already know the first event of the year would be UFC 195 on January 2nd where Robbie Lawler puts his title not he line against Carlos Condit. Also, the next event would be the first title fight on Fox Sports 1 when Dominick Cruz finally tries to capture the belt he never lost when he takes on Team Alpha Male’s only champion in TJ Dillashaw. If those are line dup for the beginning of the year, one has to wonder what is planned for the first UFC on Fox event for the year scheduled for the end of January. Could that be the heavyweight rematch? Or is Werdum not really going to be ready until March?

Next up is UFC 196 which is scheduled for February 6th and will be the annual Super Bowl card. February will also have two Fight Night events, but it is unclear where and when those will be aired. The most important is the UFC’s return to London on February 27th. This is the first event there since March of 2014. That means nearly a two year layoff for the once thriving MMA hotbed. This may be part of Zuffa’s renewed interest int he Europe fight scene.

Last but not least is March which has the third PPV of the year with UFC 197. No place has been announced for the event, but if White’s prediction about Werdum holds true, then this could be the Heavyweight fight they have been waiting for. For Velasquez’s hope they better not set the event for Mexico since his cardio may not hold up again. Lastly, a fight night will take place on March 19th. Not bad for 2016 considering it is only September.

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