UFC Fighter Chainsaw Charles McCarthy on Carson’s Corner!

American Top Team fighter Chainsaw Charles McCarthy is this week’s guest on Carson’s Corner. Chainsaw Charles dodges none of Bob’s questions and emerges from Carson’s Pit unscathed. If you weren’t a fan of McCarthy before, you will be after this no holds barred interview.

Charles gives us an insider’s update on the McCarthy training camp for his upcoming UFC 83 bout against Michael “The Count” Bisping. Additionally, Charles discusses the bliss of fatherhood, his career as a gym owner, his career as a fight manager, being a training partner for his ATT teammates and much, much more.

(Did you know that you can train with Charles and the much-respected American Top Team? For more information, go to http://www.bocamma.com/)

McCarthy calls this “the best interview I’ve done in a long time.” Click on one of the following links to find out why!

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Carson also answers listener email and gives a key update regarding his future plans for a possible second show.

Please note that this is the first Carson’s Corner show using new equipment. Bear with us while we get this thing fine-tuned. The content will not suffer, but you may experience a slight diminution of sound quality at a couple of points during the show.

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