UFC Uniforms coming in July 2015

UFC Uniforms

UFC Uniforms are coming in 2015 after the company announced a landmark six year deal with Reebok to make their uniforms.

UFC Uniforms

The UFC Uniforms deal has huge ramifications for all fighters because of what the deal means for sponsorships.

The UFC Uniforms with Reebok mean that now the fighters will all wear essentially the same thing. The big part about this deal is that nobody will really be sponsored anymore. They cannot wear other gear to weigh-ins, post fight press conferences, and walking out to the fights. They now have to wear all the UFC Uniforms. This is similar to how other sports play it with the NFL, NBa, and other leagues having a deal with companies to have players wear their gear.


This does not mean fighters cannot be sponsored, but they will not have their gear on TV when the fighters compete. This does not meant that the fighters will lose out on money due to this deal. According to the UFC, they are not making any profit off this deal. All profit goes to the fighters and is distributed evenly. Champion make the most, the 1-5 ranked fighters on another tier, 6-10 fighters on another tier, then you have 11-15, and the rest of the fighters at a base level. Of course, none of the figures of what the fighters will make is available and all of this will have to be taken on faith.

The other big problem is that fighters cannot even have banners anymore since the UFC Uniforms are the sole sponsor, so the fighters cannot even make extra money that way. A lot of fighters are happy since it should provide a boost in their income, but the biggest issue is that a positive thing for them is not having to chase down sponsors for their money. All of these changes will come in July 2015 when the UFC Uniforms go live.




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