Ultimate Fight Night 11 Review

Fighting as the Main Event in another live Spike TV UFC Fight Night against a phenomenal opponent was an honor.

I can’t say enough about how much I respect Din Thomas and his team. Din is a perfect example of what a MMA fighter should be: He is highly skilled in all areas, fit, dangerous, entertaining, and all class off the mat. I wish him the quickest of recoveries. Hopefully, Din will be able to come up to Boston, so we can train together, because I can learn much from him

Well, I can’t claim that having three fights in five-and-half months was easy, but I can say I had a great time training and preparing for these fights. During this period, I continued to make good progress in my game.

As I am committed to becoming the best 155 lber in the world, next week I will resume my training. Although, I won’t be taking time off from training, I will be taking time off from fighting. Most likely, I will be fighting sometime early next year (probably February) and look forward to another challenge. In the near future, I will be able to share news about some great people I will be training with.

Florian high kicks ThomasI was more prepared for this fight than any other. My team had me in the best shape of my life and at the best technical level of my career. There is no doubt that my team of trainers are some of the best in the world. I am blessed to have them on my side.

Accordingly, I want to thank my trainers Mark DellaGrotte (Muay Thai/MMA), Kevin Kearns (Strength & Conditioning) and my brother Keith (BJJ/MMA) for organizing a tremendous training camp. Keith and Mark are true war generals while Kevin Kearns is the Drill Sergeant – I love to hate. As always, my training partners at Sityodtong in Boston played a critical role. Jesse Kropelnicki my nutritionist was extremely helpful throughout my training.

Having Kru Toy come all the way from Sityodtong in Pattaya, Thailand to be in my corner was amazing and an honor. His eye for Muay Thai and for the fight game in general is second to none. Think Freddie Roach and Cus D’amato for boxing combined into one and this is Kru Toy for Muay Thai. Kup Khun Kup Kru!

To the men and women in Afghanistan, I want to thank you once again for all that you do for us. You inspire me everyday.

I also want to thank my Vegas connection, Alex Karalexis and Dave Mazolla for all of their assistance and support.

Big thanks to Ron Weinberg for his tireless help and support.

Florian is victoriousMy sponsors allow me to train hard for my fights and provide important assistance for my year round training regimen. Please check out and support VersaClimber (the ultimate ass kicking cardio machine), Sprawl Fight Shorts (simply the best mma shorts), TUF Guy Productions, Tourtellote Solutions, NHBGear.com (top quality MMA/BJJ products and service), and Shoyoroll Clothing Company (innovative and quality clothing).

I want to dedicate this win to my family and to the people of Peru. I hope that they will soon recover fully from the devastating earthquake. I want to thank God that nobody from my family was badly affected. It is a true honor to be representing them and the Latino community in the UFC.

My family has been an amazing source of love, support and inspiration for me. They are my biggest fans no doubt. I want them to know that I am working hard everyday, so I can become the first Latino UFC champion.

Thank you to all my fans for their support and love.

Stay with the Flo,

– Kennyp.s. In case you missed it, Spike TV will rebroadcast Ultimate Fight Night 11 on Friday, September 28 (9pm-11pm, ET/PT)

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