Ultimate Grappling Challenge 2005 is coming!

Shidokan Germany currently prepares the sixth edition of the „Ultimate Grappling Challenge”, one of the – if not THE – toughest Grappling competition in Europe! The event will be held in September in Nürtingen (Germany), the exact date and location will be confirmed in the next days.

This year`s competition unites three great championships in one event! First there will be an international championship in Submission Wrestling in the “Beginners” division (4 or less tournaments experience and/or Bluebelt and below) with categories for Children, Juniors and Adults. The main part of UGC 6 will be the 6th Open European Championship in Submission Wrestling in the “Advanced” division. This year there will be NO timelimit and NO points in the fights! The only way to win a match is by submission! This is how real Submission Wrestling should be! The weight-classes are limited to a maximum of 8 competitors and we will invite current and former UGC Champions plus some UGC standouts to compete this year for FREE. On www.ultimate-grappling-challenge.com you can find a list of athletes, who will be invited to compete and who not have to pay the standard registration fee.

Last but not least there will a European Grand Prix in SHIDO MMA in each weight-division with fighters from all over Europe, who will battle for the Championship Belts in their divisions. Also in those divisions we have a list of fighters, who will be invited to compete and who not have to pay a registration fee.

We are also looking for experienced Grapplers, who would like to apply to compete in two Superfights in Submission Wrestling during the night show of UGC 6. All finals of the “Advanced”, the SHIDO MMA fights and the Superfights will be in one action-packed night-show, which will highlight this year`s UGC.

All interested Grapplers and MMA fighters can visit our website at www.ultimate-grappling-challenge.com to get all the information about this event and to pre-register for the real Ultimate Test in Grappling in Europe!

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