Ulysses “Useless” Gomez debuts tonight at PFC 7

Cobra Kai’s legendary Ulysses ‘Useless’ Gomez makes his highly anticipated MMA debut tonight at Palace Fighting Championship 7 in Lemoore, California. The 24-year-old Las Vegas native will be facing Greg McDowell in a 125-pound PFC Flyweight Bout.

Known to many as ‘Useless’ (just check his license plate), some of his exploits have earned urban legend status on MMA and Jiu-Jitsu internet message boards, due to his prankster personality coupled with the fact that he’s been successfully competing on the grappling circuit for years. He began regularly entering himself in pro divisions as a beginner and began submitting larger black belts shortly after receiving his blue belt.

Not surprisingly, Useless’ grappling highlights can be found in the OTM Video Library, as well as the OTM ‘101 Submissions’ Trilogy, ‘Grapplebook’, and several other submission grappling and jiu-jitsu related DVD’s. He has also been featured in live grappling demonstrations with Marc Laimon on UFC pay-per-view broadcasts. In college, Useless competed on the UNLV boxing team and in September he became the first American to win the FILA Pankration World Championships, which took place in Antalya, Turkey.

Useless has been training with Marc Laimon, since their J-Sect days when he was just a kid in high school. Coincidentally, Useless’ high school wrestling coach was none other than UFC veteran and Nova União black belt Tony DeSouza who is a friend and training partner of Marc Laimon. In 2004, Useless helped Marc Laimon found the world famous Cobra Kai Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he has been training and teaching the children’s classes ever since. Good luck to Useless from everyone at OTM!

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