UMA English Open Groundfighting Championships Event Details and Results

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The UMA’s Websites ‘News’ Section has just been updated, with the Event Details and Results from our previous Championships; The English Open Groundfighting Championships on Sunday 19th August 07.

You will also see that the Championships have again had International Exposure, this time, we are Headlining one of the World Biggest and Best Online MA Website for Grappling Arts ‘On the’, with the Event Report from Fighters Magazine’s Sub Editor; Carlos Fisher, the results and details are also listed on MMA Universe, another online MA Website, also don’t forget to get your Copy of Fighters Magazine which will also be Listing the Championships Event Report and details etc.

The Current Issue of Fighters Magazine has Listed a Report on the UMA’s English Open Judo Back to Back/Groundfighting Championships we held in March, so get your Copy now.

If you go Direct to our Website: or Just Click our Logo at the Top, and checkout the ‘News Section’ Link/Page, you will see all the Details and Links to the Latest Event Reports and Links etc.

Hope to see you at our next Prestigeous Event, the UMA English Open Judo High Kneeling Ne Waza/Groundfighting Championships (All Ages With Gi) on Sunday 19th August, already it looks like a 120+ Event from the enquiries we have had, this from Previous and also New Clubs and Players, so please don’t be late getting your Players Entries in, as you know, we will be limiting to 125 Players maximum…

Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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