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UMA 2nd English Open Judo back to Back Ne Waza Competition 24th February 2008 UMA 2nd English Open Judo back to Back Ne Waza Competition 24th February 2008

Jim Mc Sherry, founder of the UMA, started the New Year off with the now very popular Judo Ne Waza back to back event; the event last year was mainly dominated by the Judo teams with a few BJJ clubs pitching in on the day. After a successful year with a number of gi and no gi events in 2007 and with widespread publicity throughout last year, the UMA’s first event of 2008 saw more BJJ clubs attending the event and an increased number of Judo clubs, ready to test their ground skills and put it all on the line.

All the usual faces from 2007 were in attendance for the event; seasoned competitor Paul Sawyer was an ever present threat in the under 70K and Open weight division and the highly talented Richard Willis was ready to defend his titles from last year’s event. The giant Leigh Hitchen brought down a strong team of kids and seniors and Combat Base Bolton were back ready to rock and roll.

In addition to the new faces were Judokas from Sawston JC, Hardy Spicer, Staines JC, 3 K’s JC, Cheshire and Lakeside JC and BJJ clubs representing Gracie Barra Doncaster and Milton Keynes and Brasa Wales. All this talent under one roof, meant that the event was going to be no walk in the park, regardless of weight group, which made up for some really exciting matches throughout the day.

At the end of the year in ’07, the word on the street was that due to the success of all the events last year, a bigger venue was going to be used in 2008 to accommodate the increasing number of participants. Although a bigger venue would cater for the increase in numbers, many people felt that the atmosphere at the new venue would in no way match up to the community centre used in ’07 and as such the UMA decided to keep to the original venue and they were not to be disappointed.

A large number of juniors entered the event and the walls rattled with the screams of keen parents and team mates as the little warriors battled it out for the medals and after a superb display of technical skill and sportsmanship the juniors were all finished, leaving the seniors to take to the mats.

Once again, the atmosphere was electric, every team mate supporting their man out on the mats, Judo against Judo, BJJ against BJJ and then style against style as each division threw out some surprise match ups.

Angelo Beales from GB Milton Keynes managed to stay in line with the unique Judo rules and won a tough division in the under 80K and there was upset in the under 70K division when hot favourite Paul Sawyer missed the gold, losing to Michael Troke of Hybrid Martial Arts. Combat Base Bolton Leroy Holcroft, not content with competing in the under 70K division, stepped up and entered the under 75K bracket, dominated by BJJ blue belts and walked away with the silver medal, losing to Brasa Wales’ Gareth Dummer.

Fellow Bolton team mate Chris Webster, in his first ever competition took the bronze medal in the under 90K division and Leigh Hitchen took the gold in the over 100K division and lost his Open weight crown in an epic battle of Judo v Judo, losing to Jason Allen of Lakeside Judo Club.

Once again Richard Willis dominated his weight division and not surprisingly took the gold in both the under 85K and the Open weight division with an exciting fight with Stuart Austin of Hardy Spicer Judo Club, making him the man to beat this year on the UMA circuit.

The first event of the year ran like clockwork, with over 100 senior entrants fighting on the day through the weight divisions and the Open weight and masters and veterans brackets were all hotly contested, with some amazing displays of ground work and submissions.

The next event for the UMA is on May 18th and will be the Open Groundfighting Championships, which will be a no gi affair; if it’s any good as last year then do not miss this event. Get on the mats, train your ass off and come down and represent, where you’ll be warmly welcomed and tested to the limit.

Until May folks!!

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Senior Women 20 years old and overUnder 60kg

1stRosey Neal Shingitai JuiJitsu2nd Amy Wooldridge Kita Ogawa Martial Arts

Senior Men 20 years old and overUnder 65kg

1st Lee Coville Sawston Judo Club2nd Terry Bowman Hybrid Martial Arts

Under 70kg

1st Michael Troke Hybrid Martrial Arts2nd Paul Sawyer Matsumachi Judo Club3rd Aaron Lewis Hybrid Martial Arts

Under 75kg

1st Gareth Dummer Brasa BJJ Wales2nd Leroy Holcroft Combat Base Bolton3rd

Under 80kg1st Angelo Beales GB Milton Keynes2nd Mark Donnelly 3 K’s Judo Club3rd Lee Watson Doncaster Gracie Barra BJJ

Under 85kg

1st Richard Willis Fighting Fit Gym2nd Ricardo Carrillo Hybrid Martial Arts3rd James Lawrence 3K’s Judo Club

Under 90kg

1st Paul Phillips Can Do Martial Arts2nd Pete Sturgess Kita Ogawa Martial Arts3rd Chris Webster Combat Base Bolton

Over 100kg

1st Leigh Hitchen Sandbach Judo Club2nd Chris McDermott Kita Ogawa Martial Arts3rd Lee Thickett Shingatai JuiJitsu

Mens Masters 35 to 44 years old

Open Weight

1st Jason Allen Lakeside Judo Club2nd Leigh Hitchen Sandbach Judo Club3rd John Hughes Cheshire Judo Club

Mens Veterans 45 years old and over

Open Weight

1st John Farrugia Staines Judo Club2nd Paul Sawyer Matsumachi Judo Club3rd Graham Rowitt Shingitai JuiJitsu

Male Absolute/Open 16 years old and over

Open Weight

1st Richard Willis Fighting Fit Gym2nd Stuart Austin Hardy Spicer Judo Club3rd John Farrugia Staines Judo Club3rd Paul Sawyer Matsamuchi Judo Club

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