United Gracie Quick Results

Great day of BJJ action here at Kezar Pavillion in beautiful (but overcast) San Francisco. Around 500 competitors took to the mats for the 5th annual United Gracie tournament. 6 mats of action with the sign card system ran all day and into early evening which saw lot os sweeps, scrambles and submissions for an appreciative crowd. Purple Belts Kron Gracie wins (splits with teammate) his division and Champion of Champions Division. Brown Belt Results Marcos Torregrossa defeats Kelly Paul via choke. Kelly entered the men’s division having no opponents and defeated her first opponent by 2-0! Marcos Torregrossa wins brown belt Champion of Champions division. Black Belt Results: Solomon Mitchell over Val Cubales 2-0 Chris Smith over Gustavo Morriera points Vitor Estrima over Chris Liscandrio triangle choke. (Less than one minute) Carlos “Sapao” Alexander over Sergio Lorences (referee Caique’s decision after two three minute sudden death overtimes) Xande Riberio over Tony (Charles) via choke from mount. Luke Stewart over Walter Vitale (choke) Vinicius Maghales over Ricardo Barros 2-0 in overtime Xande Riberio over Luke Stewart choke from mount. (Exciting match and a hell of a black belt debut for Luke, score was 5-2 with several reversals for Luke, but Xande proved to be too much. Vinicius Maghales over Jerry (GB) score of 6-4. Impressive comeback for Jerry who was quickly swept and mounted to begin the match and looked to be in serious trouble throughout.

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