Unthinkable Tragedy in Connecticut


Unthinkable Tragedy in Connecticut
How can we prevent future such tragedies?

With 28 people dead, including 20 children, there are no words to describe the pain and suffering that is being experienced by the families that have been affected by the school shooting that took place in Connecticut on Friday. Our deepest condolences go out to families of the victims and all the members of the community that was struck by this horrific act of terror and hatred.

In the wake of such an sickening act of violence we can only hope that communities will unite to prevent future such incidences. But, in the event that this does happen again, it is absolutely critical that schools and organizations undergo active shooter training so that if the unthinkable takes place, they will have a plan.

Friend of the Gracie Academy, Alon Stivi, is a counter-terrorism expert who specializes in Active Shooter Training. Even though every scenario is different, the video below provides some valuable insight as to what can be done during a school shooting. 

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