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A quick update:

I just got back from training in Thailand where I had many great experiences. To read about my travels in Thailand, check out my blog entries at myspace or visit the journal section of my website. I will be updating my site soon with a ton of pictures from the trip, so keep checking out KennyFlorian.com.

It is very important to me to visit other countries, so I can learn about their cultures. Experiencing Muay Thai with the people who have made it an amazing and effective art was very rewarding.

As soon as I hear more info on when and where I will be fighting next, you guys will know! I have been waiting way too long to fight and I miss being in the Octagon.

My back has been great so far. I have added a few things into my schedule to help ensure that my back stays healthy.

Thanks and stay with the Flo!!

-KenFloBoston Area Appearance This Saturday Good Time Emporium in Somerville

I invite my Boston area fans to meet me at Good Time Emporium in Somerville this Saturday from 7pm-10pm. I will be signing autographs and there will be many raffle prizes. The UFC 59 pay-per- view will be shown, starting at 10pm.Good Time Emporium Web Site

My Preview of UFC 59

There are some fantastic fights scheduled for UFC 59. Here’s my breakdown:

Jeff Monson Vs. Marcio CruzThese guys really do hate each other, having an intense rivalry on the submission wrestling circuit for years. There have been rumors that the winner may get a shot at the heavyweight title next. As a result, it will be interesting to see what kind of threats these fighters present to challenge Arlovski or Sylvia, who are fighting for the Heavyweight title on this card.

Keys to Win:The edge on the feet has to go to Monson who has been working a lot on his boxing and standup skills. Monson has won a few pro boxing fights. It will be to his advantage to use his wrestling and boxing skills to force Marcio to stand with him.

Jeff has shown to be a world class submission wrestler as well and certainly has the skills to play with Cruz on the ground. Cruz does have an awkward ground game. He is always a threat with his deadly triangle and heavy ground game. Cruz also seems to be very focused lately and in the best shape of his life. His ground and pound and strategy against Mir was impressive. It certainly shows that he is improving and developing his MMA game.

We will have to see if Cruz has improved his stand up so he can use his long reach to neutralize Monson’s boxing. It also seemed that Monson may have gassed a bit in his last UFC fight. This could become a factor in the later rounds.

Tito Ortiz Vs. Forrest GriffinThis is a fight between two of the most recognizable fighters in the sport. Tito is fighting in front of his hometown fans in Southern California. Forrest is fighting to prove he is one of the top fighters in the 205 lbs division.

Forrest has been keeping himself busy in the fight game during the last year. Tito will be coming back from a 2 year layoff. However, it seems like Tito has a renewed passion for MMA and he has taken time to mature and get smarter about the fight game. Look for this fight to make the winner an even bigger star.

Keys to win:Forrest has the heart of a lion with great cardio. He needs to make this fight rough and wild. If he lets Tito take him down, rest on top of him and work the ground and pound, it will be a long night for him. Forrest has to continually frustrate Tito. He must deny Tito’s takedown attempts a few times to get into his head.

Tito wants to get Forrest up against the cage, work his greco and take him down. Tito has some good ground and pound. Plus, in this position he can be dangerous with his elbows and hands. Tito always comes into fights in great shape.

Forrest has the jiu-jitsu game to defend himself well from his back. However, this will still give Tito the decision. Forrest must use his jiu-jitsu to get back to his feet or he must threaten Tito with submissions so he can keep Tito conservative with his ground and pound – which will force a stand up by the ref. Reversing Tito will be difficult. Simply laying on his back blocking strikes is not going to beat Tito.

I would recommend that Forrest look for flying knees off of Tito’s shots. Forrest must make every striking opportunity count. If he can rough Tito up in the clinch, get away and turn it into a wild fight, it will be to his advantage.

Tito needs to stalk Forrest, cut off the ring, and look for his under hooks up against the cage and grind Forrest down. This is what Tito does best. So it will be interesting to see which star will burn brighter that night.

Andrei Arlovski Vs. Tim SylviaThe last time these two met, it was another short night and easy payday for Arlovski. He needed under a minute to finish Tim “The Maniac” Sylvia. Arlovski punched Sylvia down and scooped up a leg lock for the win by tapout.

It seemed that Sylvia was not ready for Arlovski’s speed or power. He may have underestimated the man for Belarus. Sylvia is the only man in the UFC who who poses any kind of a threat to Arlovski right now. Sylvia’s body has changed a bit along with his skills. He appears more mature and hungrier than ever to get his title back. Arlovski has not been challenged in his past fights. However, he has continued to train hard.

Keys to Win:Andrei Arlovski has the size of a heavyweight, the power of a heavyweight, but the speed and movement of a welterweight. He needs to use his speed advantage and great footwork to overwhelm Sylvia. By using his footwork, Arlovski can avoid the long reach of Sylvia. He can float outside of Syvlia’s jab, allowing him to step on the inside of Sylvia and then work his deadly hooks and overhand right.

If Sylvia can use his reach effectively and hurt Arlovski with his jab, he may be able to contain the champ in order to set up some leg kicks. With Andrei’s boxing rhythm, Sylvia may be able to time some leg kicks and even set up a takedown.

I personally think it is to Sylvia’s advantage to take Arlovski down and work a ground and pound strategy to get the win. If there is any questions about Arlovski’s overall game, it may be that we have yet to see him work off of his back for any length of time.

It will be a tall order for anyone to be able to out strike Arlovski right now. He is patient, fluid, powerful and knows how to finish a fight with his hands.

It will be in Arlovski’s best interest to keep it standing or to get Sylvia on his back. Look for the winner of this fight to keep the title for at least a few more fights.

Other great fights happening this night are the following:

Evan Tanner vs. Justin LevensThiago Alves vs. Derrick NobleJason Lambert vs. Terry MartinKaro Parisyan vs. Nick Thompson

Make sure you check out this stacked card on Pay-Per-View because the event has been sold out for months.

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