Upset Victory for A.J. “The Pitbull” Ferrer

 A.J. "The Pitbull" Ferrer takes home a win over the much bigger Walter Kahuna. When the two opponents touched gloves I thought for sure it was a miss match, Walter Kahuna was towering over A.J. Ferrer by at least six inches. It was a classic tale of David and Goliath, A.J. wasted no time, and began sending several well placed Muay Thai combos that every so often found their high target. This took Walter Kahuna by surprise who then wildly clinched A.J. Ferrer. The two exchanged some dirty boxing, and Walter got a takedown via Hip Throw, but this didn’t slow down A.J. “The Pitbull” Ferrer who was back up on his feet quickly. The rest of the first round consisted of A.J. Ferrer wearing down Walter Kahuna with punches and knees to the body.

Round two was what I thought the highlight of the night, A.J. Ferrer lived up to his nick name “The Pitbull” when he stormed out of his corner at the bell and began reigning punches from every angle catching Walter too many places for this reporter to keep up, it all ended with a half Muay Thai clinch and several left uppercuts that found their mark all too well. Congrats Skipper Kelp’s Fight Capital Las Vegas for putting out such strong-willed students. Congrats Chris “The Kiss” Spang for training such a well disciplined fighter. Most of all Congrats to A.J. “The Pitbull” Ferrer for taking home the “W”.

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