Urban Gorillaz Southern Open BJJ Tournament – 30th September 07

Venue:Rivermead Leisure ComplexRichfield Avenue, Reading,Berkshire RG1 8EQ

Date: Sunday 30th September 2007

Event ScheduleCompetition starts at 10am

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No regsitration on the day!!

Be sure that all the information on your enrollemt form is correct, otherwise e-mail us.

Athletes must bring their waiver form and hand it over before your first fight.

Please Note: The fee for early registration, i.e., received by 12 pm Thursday September 27th, is £30.00.

The fee for late registration (received after 12pm September 27th ñ 28th 11:59 PM) will be £40.00.

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ABSOLUTELY NO REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER FRIDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 5 pm!Also, note that registration fee(s) are non-refundable.

We advise everyone to register and pay online to avoid any problems with the post. However if you decide to register by post….click here to download the form.

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The athletes must be at the warm up area, according to their fighting schedulle.The athlete only can enter in the fighing area when is called by the official.In case of victory the athlete must return to the warm up area, and remain there till the next fight.No coaching is alowed in the fighting area.The athlete will check his/her weight with the Gi. There is only one opportunity to check the weight. If the competitor does not make his/her weight,they will be immediately disqualified. Please make sure that you are in the correct weight division. You can not change divisions ,if you do not make your designated division. No changes will be accepted in the tournament day.

Weight Catagories:

Mens Rooster 57.50kgMens Super feather 64.00kgMens Feather 70.00kgMens Light 76.00kgMens Middle 82.30kgMens Medium heavy 88.30kgMens Heavy 94.30kgMens Super heavy 100.50kgMens Super super heavy Over 100.50kg

Woman Rooster 48.50kgWoman Super feather 53.50kgWoman Feather 58.000kgWoman Light 64.00kgWoman Middle 69.00kgWoman Medium heavy 74.00kgWoman Heavy 79.00kgWoman Super heavy 84.3kg

Score keepers and Ring Coordinators are needed for the EFN Tournaments.

Would you like a front row seat? Help our sport grow and be an active part of the development of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ?

We are currently filling staff positions for the 2007/2008 Calender. We are in need of time keepers and ring coordinators. You do not have to have any experience to be a time keeper or ring coordinator, just the willingness to hang in there for a long fun filled day.

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