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U.S. Open Raises $1,627.25 for Charity’s Bay School for Autistic Children. If you would like to make a donation or find out more about the Bay School’s work with autistic children go here: US Open Report

The first day went smoothly as always at Claudio Franca’s US Open. A ton of White Belts began the day’s action. For this first time this year instead of making all the women compete at once, the women were called up along their respective male counterparts belt level.

In the purple belts featherweight Pacific Martial Arts teammates Greg Ashbury and Jorge Evanglista split top honors. In a tought lightweight division Bill Cooper submitted three opponents to take the title.

In the middleweight division, Claudio Franca teammates Paul Schreiner and heavier than usual Noman Rana each submitted their opponent to split honors. Al Williams takes home the Light Heavyweight honors and James Maddalon takes the heavyweight title. Sergio Fames takes the Unlimited title.

The absolute division was extremely exciting as well, as many of the divisional winners stepped up to compete. Bill Cooper met Sergio Fames in the first round, and Bill’s usual pluck and quickness was not enough to overcome what was at least a 200 pound weight disadvantage. Sergio would go on to submit Maddalon to make it the finals. On the otherside of the bracket, Paul Schreiner scored some quick submissions, including a sweet flying triangle to make it the finals.

Well aware of the size difference, Paul Schreiner approached the finals match with Sergio Fames with extreme caution, and Sergio for his part treated Paul with equal respect. The entirety of the match was spent jockeying for position on the feet, although at points the tension was so great between the competitors that the mat bagan to move from underneath them. Without any points or advantages scored, the referee awarded the US Open Purple Belt Absolute Title to Paul Schreiner

Today will be the blue belts, brown and black belts plus the team challenge!

The second day of the 10th annual US Open of JiuJitsu began with the blue belts and was crowned with the first brown/black team competition on American soil. The whole day was packed with action and tremendous displays of skill.

Plenty of black belts put it on the line once again in Santa Cruz Megaton Dias defeated Eduardo Leitao in a fetherweight masters match. In a very tough match Walter Vitale defeated Paulo “JR” Gazze. Gazze was ahead 2-0 for most of the match but n the final seconds Wal

The Masters Light Heavyweight division had four competitors. Milton Regis defeated Mica Cipili and then Eduardo Rocha defeated Kelly English. Then Eduardo came back to defeat Milton Regis by a score of 5-0 to take first place.

Local standout Daniel Thomas defeated Pedro Schmall via points. Mariana Azevedo won her respective matches against a very tough Sarah Fairbanks and the always game Luka Tavares.

In the Team Competition two teams were slated to compete with Team Saulo Riberio, with Saulo Riberio, Vincius Magalhaes and Rafael Lovato Jr., and Team BJJ Boulder with Amal Easton, Nick Kline, Eliot Marshall. Lightweight brownbelt Marcos Torregrosa was eager to test his skills as well and formed a team with instructor Cassio Werneck and John Carlquist. So the Teams competition became a round robin affair.

The first match up saw BJJ Boulder vs Team Werneck. Cassio Werneck defeated Amal Easton by points to score first for his team. Eliot Marshall responded by submitting John Carlquist to even the score, then Nick Kline used a nasty banana split type hold on Marcos Torregrosa to win the meet for BJJ Boulder.

In the second match up, Team Riberio faced Team Werneck, however Walter Vital stepped up for the injured Marcos Torregrosa. Cassio again score first for his team by defeating Rafael Lovato Jr by an advantage. Saulo then scored a submission victory over Carlquist. Finally Vincius Magalhaes applied a lightening quick armlock on Walter Vitale to give Team Riberio the win.

This set up the championship match for the title and the prize money between Team Riberio and Team BJJ Boulder. In the first match, team captains Saulo Riberio and Amal Easton battled with Saulo securing the choke for the victory. Then Vincius Magalhaes and Eliot Marshall had perhaps the most entertaining fight of the entire weekend in which they exchanged positions, submission attempts and generally brawled for the duration of their match, however Vincious proved the more effective fighter and prevailed on points. Although Team Riberio had locked up the victory, Rafael Lovato Jr and Nick Kline stepped on the mat anyway and with nothing to lost Kline really sought to take it to his opponent, however with a guard pass towards the end of regulation Lovato scores the victory.

With this 10th US Open Claudio Franca and friends have had one of the longest running and most respected tournaments not only in the United States, but in the world. Here’s looking forward to 10 more years of the US Open!

U.S. Open Raises $1,627.25 for Charity’s Bay School for Autistic Children. If you would like to make a donation or find out more about the Bay School’s work with autistic children go here:

White Belt FemaleAdult Rooster1st- Van Milnes—Taylor/Franca BJJ2nd- Cheryl Mak—Gracie Barra Vancouver3rd- Tanya Lacia—Oakdale MMAAdult Super Feather1st- Monica Tkaczyck—Camarillo JJ2nd- Anne Sullivan—Ralph GracieAdult Feather1st- Virginia Jameson—Taylor/Franca BJJ2nd- Cher Favors—Cesar GracieAdult Light Heavy1st- Rebecca Torres—Beverly Hills JJC2nd- Roxy Strohmeier—Taylor/Franca BJJAdult Unlimited1st- Shelly Wood—Taylor/Franca BJJAdult Open1st- Rebecca Torres—Beverly Hills JJC2nd- Cher Favors—Cesar Gracie3rd- Roxy Strohmeier—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Shelley Wood—Taylor/Franca BJJWhite Belt MaleAdult Rooster1st- Gabe Suarez—Paragon BJJ2nd-Adult Super Feather1st- Faruk Jaffer—Camarillo JJ2nd- Elio Scudieri—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Trevor Gondola—World BJJ3rd- Mark Donnely—Modern CombativesJunior Feather1st- Andrew Hernandez—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Yoni Wunderman—Camarillo JJ3rd- Chris Briseno—Tinguinha JJAdult Feather1st- Ysidro Sandoval—Camarillo JJ2nd- Jesus Nava—Gracie Barra USA3rd- Javier Gonzales—Taylor/Franca JJ3rd- Arron Singh—Camarillo JJMaster Feather1st- Paul Sayers—Humboldt JJ2nd- Craig Wallace—Camarillo JJ3rd- Mark Siegal—Universal JJAdult Light1st- Jonathan Gil—Camarillo JJ2nd- Desmond Stockard—Taylor/Franca JJ3rd- Tim Schermuly—Megaton JJ3rd- Shawn Milner—Claudio Franca BJJMaster Light1st- Kevin Watson—Marcelo Alonso JJ2nd- Mark Wightman—Camarillo JJ3rd- Sabora Bertholdo—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Hector Acosta—Claudio Franca BJJSenior Light1st- Jed Horner—Claudio BJJ2nd- Geoff McGann—Beverly Hills JJCJunior Middle1st- Gilbert Roman—Taylor/Franca JJAdult Middle1st- James May—Claudio Franca JJ2nd- Justin Nero—Cesar Gracie JJ3rd- Collin Schindler—Beverly Hills JJC3rd- Souleymane Ongoiba—Claudio Franca JJMaster Middle1st- John Lopez—Camarillo JJ2nd- David Fogle—Pitbull JJ3rd- Thomas Schmitt—Clauido Franca BJJ3rd- Jordan Robinson—Cassio Werneck JJJunior Light Heavy1st- Zach Walker—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Robert Culhane—Huntington Beach UTCAdult Light Heavy1st- Rafi Marchant—Rickson Gracie JJ2nd- Joseph Person—Paragon BJJ3rd- Doug Furano—World JJ3rd- Gannon Kennedy—Cassio Werneck JJMaster Light Heavy1st- Jose Camarena—Pacific Martial Arts2nd- Chris Grijalva—USMA/Dojo Moreira3rd- Stephan Cabrera—Beverly Hills JJC3rd- Bart Bosler—Star BJJJunior Heavy1st- Aaron McKinnon—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Jacob Tsypkin—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Ashoka McCormick—Tiger Martial ArtsAdult Heavy1st- Jason Ackerman—Rickson Gracie JJ2nd- Timothy Milligan—Huntington Beach UTC3rd- Ryan Bischoff—Beverly Hills JJC3rd- Konstantin Skachkov—Ralph Gracie JJAdult Super Heavy1st- Ramon Castro—Rickson Gracie JJ2nd- John Garcia—Cassio Werneck JJ3rd- Hector Caban—BJJ of Sacramento3rd-Justin Stankevich—AMACMaster Super Heavy1st- Jamie Baker—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Gregory Hannold Jr.—Paragon BJJJunior Unlimited1st- Cody Miller—Claudio Franca BJJAdult Unlimited1st- Austin Desler—Cesar Gracie JJ2nd- John Mercado—Beverly Hills JJC3rd- Corey Abramson—Modern Combatives3rd- Mike Cantu—Tribull MMAMaster Unlimited1st- Valdemar Da Rocha—Taylor/Franca BJJ2nd- Mark Zuber—Star Jiu-Jitsu3rd- Jeremiah Montoya—Team Brewer JJ3rd- Steven Schaafsma—Gracie Barra VancouverSenior Unlimited1st- Ben Newman—Claudio Franca BJJJunior Open1st- Gilbert Roman—Taylor/Franca BJJ2nd- Cody Miller—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Ashoka McCormick—Tiger Martial Arts3rd- Jake Tsypkin—Claudio FrancaAdult Open1st- Timothy Milligan—Huntington Beach UTC2nd- Jeremy Barr—AMAC3rd- Coey Ambramson—Modern Martial Arts3rd- Steven Schaafsma—Gracie Barra VancouverMaster Open1st- Bart Bosler—Star Jiu-Jitsu2nd- John Ruffo—Rodrigo Clark JJ3rd- Curt Gallegors—Marcelo Alonso BJJ3rd- Jordon Robinson—Cassio WerneckBlue Belt FemaleAdult Light1st- Brigette Barnato—Marin MMA/Ralph Gracie2nd- Callista Reynaga—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Helen Hauser—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Diana Atchley—Clauido Franca BJJAdult Middle1st- Michelle Calareso—Boulder BJJ2nd- Bethany Shulze—Tiger Martial ArtsAdult Heavy1st- Katrina Weilbacher—Paragon BJJ2nd-Adult Open1st- Katrina Weilbacher—Paragon BJJ2nd- Bethany Shulze—Tiger Martial Arts3rd- Brigette Barnato—Marin MMA/Ralph Gracie3rd- Helen Hauser—Claudio Franca BJJBlue Belt MaleAdult Rooster1st- Collin Ingraham—Joao Pierini HMB2nd- Gabriel Anjo—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Joshua Baudour—Martial Arts InstituteAdult Super Feather1st- Richard Kim—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Benhamin Ross—Camarillo JJ3rd- Justin Parish—Claudio Franca BJJJunior Feather1st- Marcus Feiner—Cesar Gracie JJ2nd- Robert Nickerson—Marcelo Alonso JJAdult Feather1st- Alex Balesteros—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Dray Miller—Camarillo JJ3rd- Tony Sun—Claudo Franca BJJMaster Feather1st- Josh Sachs—Universal JJ2nd Eric Verrill—Claudio Franca BJJSenior Feather1st- Ken Wong—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Carl Rosen—Gracie Barra AlaskaAdult Light1st- James Driskill—Rickson Gracie2nd- Gabriel Santos—Rickson Gracie3rd- Logan Likemark—Gracie Barra Vancouver3rd- Bill Theofanopoulos—Oakdale MMAMaster Light1st- John Berris—Camarillo JJ2nd- Raqota Berger—Paragon JJ3rd- Justin Ebert—Boulder BJJ3rd- Ted Shank—Claudio Franca BJJJunior Middle1st- Nathan Mendelsohn—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Nathan Hines—Tiger Martial Arts3rd- Matthew Rietz—Tiger Martial ArtsAdult Middle1st- Jose Benscome—Camarillo JJ2nd- Quinn Mulhern—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Clement Shields—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Wayne Phillips—Camarillo JJMaster Middle1st- Henry Cortez—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Ron Saqui—Cissero BJJSenior Middle1st- Gilbert GomezAdult Light Heavy1st- Ryan Murphey—Crosley Gracie2nd- Cameron Diffley—Las Vegas Combat Club3rd- Ben Canning—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Michael Christie—Cesar Gracie JJMaster Light Heavy1st- Jacob Wood—Beverly Hills JJC2nd- Thomas Gonzales—Claudio Franca BJJSenior Light Heavy1st- Mansour Heidari—Beverly Hills JJC2nd- Bernard Weinstock—Paragon BJJ3rd- Rick Warren—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- David Gassaway—Claudio Franca BJJAdult Heavy1st- Erick Asbury—Pacific Martial Arts2nd- Chris Curiel Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Marcelo Kaminski—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Nick Murtado—Marcelo Alonso JJSenior Heavy1st- Robert Grunder—Gracie Barra Alaska2nd- Carlos Hernandez—High Sierra JJMaster Heavy1st- William Bouck—Megaton BJJ2nd- Khalid Aran—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Jeremy Adkins—CA Competition Team3rd- Chad Darling—Cassio Werneck JJAdult Super Heavy1st- Carlos Melo—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- David Matheson—Fusion MAMaster Super Heavy1st- Gary Casey—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- John Tole—Claudio Franca BJJSenior Super Heavy1st- Matt Slatter—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd-Adult Unlimited1st- Mike Schuss—Gracie Barra Vancouver2nd-Junior Open1st- Nathan Mendolsohn—Claudio Franca2nd- Paul Meier—Tiger Martial ArtsAdult Open1st- Bill Stallworth—Paragon BJJ2nd- Carlos Melo—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Mike Schuss—Gracie Barra Vancouver3rd- Brandon Saucedo—Cesar Gracie JJMaster Open1st- Chad Darling—Cassio Werneck JJ2nd- John Berris—Camarillo JJ3rd- Ryan Saboe—Kioto BJJ3rd- Jacob Wood—Beverly Hills JJCSenior Open1st- Matt Slatter—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Carlos Hernandez—High Sierra JJ3rd- Mansour Heidari—Beverly Hills JJC3rd- Robert Grunder—Gracie Barra AlaskaPurple Belt FemaleAdult Feather1st- Emily Kwok—Gracie Barra Vancouver2nd- Kim Souza—Claudio Franca BJJPurple Belt MaleAdult Feather1st- Jorge Evangelista—Pacific Martial Arts2nd- Greg Asbury—Pacific Martial Arts3rd- Kahlil Moreland—Roger Machado JJ3rd- Bryan Waltz—Machado Las VegasSenior Feather1st- John Wayne—Street Sports JJ2nd-Adult Light1st- Bill Cooper—Paragon BJJ2nd- Stephen Goyne—CA Competition Team3rd- Gil Olivas—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Ryan Kolanz—Rickson GracieAdult Middle1st- Paul Schreiner—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Noman Rana—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Chris Westfall—Team Lutter BJJMaster Middle1st- Vince Vanderlipe—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Mario Deveault—Gracie Barra Vancouver3rd- Nathaniel Lane—Pitbull BJJAdult Light Heavy1st- Al Williams—Cassio Werneck JJ2nd- Scott Savage—Claudio Franca BJJ3rd- Sean Conley—Hollywood BJJ3rd- Cody Wissenbach—Oakland BJJSenior Light Heavy1st- Tom Theofanopoulos—Oakdale MMA2nd- Tod Jones—Claudio Franca BJJAdult Heavy1st- James Maddalon—Tiger Martial Arts2nd- Steve Cabana—Marcelo Alonso JJ3rd- Toby Staley—Cassio Werneck JJMaster Heavy1st- Andrew Brozyna—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Bryan Helenthal—Tiger Martial ArtsSenior Heavy1st- Thomas Prata—Oakdale MMA2nd- Milton Del Carlo—Claudio Franca BJJMaster Super Heavy1st- David Rothwell—Gracie Barra Vancouver2nd- Monte Egbert—Cesar Gracie JJAdult Unlimited1st- Sergio Farnes—Machado Las VegasMaster Unlimited1st- Gary Monroe—Gracie Barra Alaska2nd- Michael Vann—Claudio Franca BJJAdult Open1st- Paul Schreiner—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Sergio Farnes—Machado Las Vegas3rd- Al Williams—Cassio Werneck JJ3rd- James Maddalon—Tiger Martial ArtsSenior Open1st- Tom Prata—Oakdale MMA2nd- John Wayne—Street Sports JJBrown Belt MaleAdult Middle1st- Spencer Olsen—Gracie Barra Seattle2nd- Mike Diaz—Pedro Sauer JJBrown-Black Belt FemaleAdult Feather1st- Mariana Azevedo—Machado Las Vegas2nd- Sarah Fairbanks—Pedro SauerBlack Belt FemaleAdult Superfight1st- Mariana Azevedo—Machado Las Vegas2nd- Luka Tavares—Gracie HumaitaBlack Belt MaleMaster Feather1st- Megaton Dias—Gracie Humaita2nd- Eduardo Leitao—Cia PaulistaAdult Light Heavy1st- Walter Vital—Machado Las Vegas2nd- Paulo Gazze Jr.—Huntington Beach Jiu-Jitsu ClubMaster Light Heavy1st- Eduardo Rocha—CA Competition Team2nd- Milton Regis—Kioto BJJ3rd- Kelly English—Machado Las Vegas3rd- Amilcar Cipili—Machado Las VegasMaster Heavy1st- Daniel Thomas—Claudio Franca BJJ2nd- Pedro Schmall—Gracie HumaitaBrown – Black Belt Team ChallengeRound 1: Team Boulder BJJ over Team Werneck-SauerCassio Werneck (Werneck-Sauer) over Amal Easton (Boulder BJJ) by pointsElliot Marshall (Boulder BJJ) over John Carlquist (Werneck-Sauer) by submissionNick Kline (Boulder BJJ) over Marcos Torregrosa (Werneck-Sauer) by submissionRound 2: Team Ribeiro BJJ over Team Werneck-SauerCassio Werneck (Werneck Sauer) over Rafael Lovato Jr. (Ribeiro BJJ) by advantageSaulo Ribeiro (Ribeiro BJJ) over John Carlquist (Werneck-Sauer) by submissionVinicius Magalhaes (Ribeiro BJJ) over Walter Vital (Werneck-Sauer) by submissionFinals: Team Ribeiro over Team Boulder BJJSaulo Ribeiro (Ribeiro BJJ) over Amal Easton (Boulder BJJ) by submissionVincius Magalhaes (Ribeiro BJJ) over Elliot Marshall (Boulder BJJ) by pointsRafael Lovato Jr. (Ribeiro BJJ) over Nick Kline (Boulder BJJ) by points

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