USA Wrestling Sombo Nationals results

U.S. World Team determined at U.S. Sombo Nationals and World Team Trials

LAS VEGAS – The 2007 U.S. Sombo World Teams for both men and women were determined at the U.S. Sombo Nationals and World Team Trials, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Saturday, April 7.

Winners in each weight class were crowned national champions, and qualified to compete at the World Sombo Championships in Antalya, Turkey, Sept. 7-9.

Among the champions was 2006 Sombo World bronze medalist Leigh Jaynes (Colorado Springs, Colo./U.S. Army), who claimed the women’s title at 63 kg/ 138.5 lbs.. Jaynes won a best-of-three series over Julieta Okot (New York, N.Y./ J.E.T.S./No Limits).

It was the second national title for Jaynes in two days, as she was also the U.S. Women’s National freestyle champion at 59 kg/130 lbs. on Friday night.

Okot won the first match of the series, 1-0, but Jaynes came back with wins in the next two matches, both by 4-0 scores.

Another competitor from the U.S. team at the 2006 Sombo World Championships who claimed an individual title was Carlos Dolmo (Bronx, N.Y./Blast Double NY), the champion at 120 kg/ 264.5 lbs. Dolmo placed seventh at the 2006 World Sombo Championships.

Dolmo won four matches during the round robin tournament, including a 2-0 victory over runner-up Gabe Beauperthuy (Colorado Springs, Colo./unattached).

Selected by the officials as the Outstanding Wrestler in the men’s division was the champion at 74 kg/163 lbs., Seth Bregman (Aurora, Colo. /Colorado BJJ). In the championship finals, Bregman stopped Roman Mitichyan (Glendale, Calif./Hayastan), 5-3 for the gold medal.

Claiming the title at 66 kg/ 145.5 lbs was Jake Bohn (Irvine, Calif./J.E.T.S./No Limits), who won a six-athlete round-robin at his division. Bohn won four of his five matches, including a 9-0 decision over runner-up Phil Rizzo (St. Petersburg, Fla./Team Pursuit).

The men’s champion at 84 kg/ 185 lbs. was Scott Garcia (Mesa, Ariz./American Pankration) who defeated teammate Jeff Funicello (Mesa, Ariz./American Pankration), 6-0 in the finals.

Capturing the 96 kg/211.5 lbs. title was Douglas Fournet (Baton Rouge, La./Gladiators Academy), who stopped Aram Ghukasyan (Los Angeles, Calif./Kenam`s Judo Club), 4-3 in an intense finals match.

Ghukasayan had defeated 2006 Sombo World Champion Jeff Zastrow (Whitewater, Wis./Warhawk WC) in the semifinals, 9-6. Zastrow ended up fourth, losing his bronze medal match to Paul Jones (Boys Ranch, Texas/Roughrider Wrestling), 4-3.

Winning titles uncontested in the men’s division were Eric Albarracin (Colorado Springs, Colo./EA Kombat – Modern Army Combatives at 55 kg / 121 lbs and Alfredo Varela of (Noble, Okla./Underdog Inc.) at 60 kg/132 lbs.

Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Mo. had a pair of individual champions in the women’s division, Tanya Miyasaki at 48 kg/105.5 lbs. and Courtney Martell at 121 pounds.

Miyasaki won all three of her bouts in a four-athlete round robin, including a 2-0 victory over runner-up Amantha Hordagoda (Bakersfield, Calif./Spartan WC).

Martell won a three-athlete roundrobin, including a 5-1 victory over Missouri Valley teammate Samantha Schuman, the silver medalist at the weight class.

The women’s champion at 59 kg / 130 lbs. was Samantha Phillips (Manteca, Calif./Spartan WC), who won a three-athlete roundrobin, including a 6-1 win over runner-up Amberle Montgomery (Colorado Springs, Colo./J.E.T.S./No Limits.

Three women champions were uncontested: Jessica Ortiz of (Vallejo, Calif./Spartan WC) at 51 kg/ 112 lbs., Bethany Harris (Irvine, Calif./J.E.T.S./No Limits at 67 kg/ 147.5 lbs and Marina Piccolotti (Pacifica, Calif./Spartan WC at 72 kg / 158.5 lbs.

The national team champions in the Men’s Sombo Division was J.E.T.S/No Limits. The national team champions in the Women’s Sombo Division was the Spartan WC.


At Las Vegas, Nev., April 7

Men’s results

55 kg / 121 lbs

1st Place – Eric Albarracin of EA Kombat/ModernArmyCombatives

60 kg / 132.5 lbs

1st Place – Alfredo Varela of Underdog Inc.

66 KG / 145.5 lbs

1st Place – Jake Bohn of J.E.T.S./No Limits

2nd Place – Phil Rizzo of Team Pusuit

3rd Place – Khachatur Arakelyan of Hayastan

4th Place – Ray White of Team Pusuit

5th Place – Ethan Castanon of J.E.T.S./No Limits

6th Place – Bo Hines of J.E.T.S./No Limits

74 KG / 163 lbs

1st Place – Seth Bregman of Colorado BJJ

2nd Place – Roman Mitichyan of Hayastan

3rd Place – Karapet Akhverdyan of Hayastan

4th Place – BJ Adams of Embry Riddle WC

5th Place – Juan Ramos of U.S. Marines

6th Place – Ara Muradyan of Hayastan

7th Place – Robert Lusk of J.E.T.S./No Limits

8th Place – Enrique Manibusan of Spartan WC

84 kg/ 185 lbs

1st Place – Scott Garcia of American Pankration

2nd Place – Jeff Funicello of American Pankration

3rd Place – Jack Kitchen of Sunkist Kids

4th Place – Matt Sommerville of Warhawk WC

5th Place – James Clay of Hayastan

6th Place – Alberto Crane of J.E.T.S./No Limits

7th Place – Rodney Fisher of Spartans

8th Place – Scire Dompe of J.E.T.S./No Limits

96 kg / 211.5 lbs

1st Place – Douglas Fournet of Gladiators Academy

2nd Place – Aram Ghukasyan of Kenam`s Judo Club

3rd Place – Paul Jones of Roughrider Wrestling

4th Place – Jeff Zastrow of J.E.T.S./No Limits

5th Place – Shaun Scott of Team Palay

6th Place – Brandon Abeyta of J.E.T.S./No Limits

7th Place – Michael Sullivan of FusBoxe

120 kg/ 264.5 lbs

1st Place – Carlos Dolmo of Blast Double NY

2nd Place – Gabe Beauperthuy of unattached

3rd Place – Kenny Lester of Sunkist Kids

4th Place – Stevie Grodie of J.E.T.S./No Limits

5th Place – Brandon Ruiz of Sunkist Kids


48 kg / 105.5 lbs

1st Place – Tanya Miyasaki of Missouri Valley College

2nd Place – Amantha Hordagoda of Spartan WC

3rd Place – Cindy Pacheco of Spartans

4th Place – Elizabeth Osborne of J.E.T.S./No Limits

Women’s results

51 kg/ 112 lbs

1st Place – Jessica Ortiz of Spartan WC

55 kg / 121 lbs

1st Place – Courtney Martell of Missouri Valley College

2nd Place – Samantha Schuman of Missouri Valley College

3rd Place – Kristin Condello of WOW

59 kg / 130 lbs

1st Place – Samantha Phillips of Spartan WC

2nd Place – Amberle Montgomery of J.E.T.S./No Limits

3rd Place – Shamaine Danner of Missouri Valley College

63 kg/ 138.5 lbs

1st Place – Leigh Jaynes of U.S. Army

2nd Place – Julieta Okot of J.E.T.S./No Limits

67 kg/ 147.5 lbs

1st Place – Bethany Harris of J.E.T.S./No Limits

72 kg / 158.5 lbs

1st Place – Marina Piccolotti of Spartan WC

Men’s champion team – J.E.T.S./No Limits

Women’s champion team – Spartan WC

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