Valor Fighting Returns to Cache Creek

Valor Fighting Presents “Showdown At Cache Creek II”

Valor Fighting is primed and ready to once again thrill a live audience at Cache Creek Resort & Casino Event Center with an “Entertainment Overload™” in the form of live Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighting action. The spectacle, “Showdown At Cache Creek II” taking place on June 6, will feature at least 8 big fights and some very special guest appearances. This historic night of action is the follow up to Valor Fighting’s highly successful, and completely sold out debut at Cache Creek back on February 3rd. “Showdown At Cache Creek II” promises to be even bigger and better, as one of the most imposing, recognized, and decorated warriors ever to step into the ring will compete on June 9th.

Dan Severn is a true legend of Mixed Martial Arts. The menacing 6’2” 250 pound wrestling machine is aptly nicknamed “The Beast”. Throughout Severn’s storied career, earning championships has been his business, and business has been very good. The Michigan native is the only Triple Crown Champion in UFC history. He accomplished this feat by winning two 8-man tournaments as well as “The Ultimate Ultimate” which was a competition between past champions and runner-ups. Severn’s biggest win may be his victory over “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock on May 17, 1996; this victory earned “The Beast” the title of UFC Super Fight Champion. The fighting icon has also been immortalized as a member of the UFC Hall Of Fame.

Dan’s primary weapon is his power and his rich background in wrestling. Severn was a 2-time Nation Champion wrestler in high school and was named to the Arizona State University Wrestling Hall Of Fame after a dominant collegiate career. He would then travel the world competing, earning 13 National AAU Wrestling Championships in the process.

Despite being a master on the mat, Severn is well aware that MMA is a constantly evolving sport in which you must be prepared for anything. He has added Black Belts in Sombo, Judo, and Jui Jitsu to up increase his arsenal. The veteran will once again put his skills to the test when he steps into battle in the main event live on June 6 to take on Team Cannon’s Bryan Pardoe. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see one of the world’s greatest fighters doing what he does best in person. “Japanese Assassin” Kengo Ura

Fans who were on hand for Valor Fighting’s first event at Cache Creek will undoubtedly remember the dominant performance of “Japanese Assassin” Kegno Ura. Kengo forced his opponent Jeff Dietrich to tap out at 1:35 in the first round using a “kimura” arm lock.

If you take a look at the scowl that seems to be a permanent fixture of Kengo’s face, it is obvious that he is an extremely intense competitor. Originally from Ishikawa, Japan, Ura now represents Valor while fighting out of the R-1 Training Center in El Segundo, CA. With 3 years of professional experience, Kengo is out to make a name for himself in Valor. In a recent interview, he listed, “To be known and respected the world over” as his goal and inspiration.

His specialty is Shooto in which he was crowned Amateur Champion. The “Japanese Assassin” has knock out power in his punches. If his opponent is not careful, he will find himself on his back, the recipient of a tan courtesy of the lights at The Cache Creek Event Center! Back in July, Kengo scored his biggest victory to date when he forced Universal Mixed Martial Arts Association Hall Of Fame inductee Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch to submit to a heel hook in the first round! Kengo will look to continue his winning ways on June 6.

Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch

Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch, a proud American and member of the United States Armed Forces wears the Stars & Stripes every time he steps into battle. Ritch recently returned from yet again defending our country; he had this to say, “I went to Iraq as the body guard for The Ambassador to The U.S. I gave up the ring to go over there to fight. I fought for my country, and now I’m back to fight for Valor!” As a fighter, “The Cannon” has had over 100 pro fights. Ritch is a 2-Time ISCF Champion, and he also earned the Russian Middleweight Tournament Championship. Certainly, Ritch would love nothing more than to add another victory to his collection.Make sure you are on hand live to witness this HUGE night of action and entertainment!

Who: Valor Fighting

What: “Showdown At Cache Creek II”: At least 8 big fights featuring professional stars of MMA Including Dan “The Beast” Severn, Bryan Pardoe, “Japanese Assassin” Kengo Ura, Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch and many more!

Where: Cache Creek event center. 14455 Highway 16 Brooks, CA 95606. For Tickets, please call (888)-77-Cache

When: June 9th @ 8pm

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