Verbal Tap with Scott Nelson & Jeremy Lafreniere (105:27)

 Date: April 9, 2014

By: Raf Esparza and Kevin Phillips

Description: Do you want to hear really cool behind the scenes stories about Metamoris 3? Well listen to our interview with Scott Nelson from OnTheMat.Com as he shares his thoughts on jiujitsu, living in Brazil, and so much more (24:12). Then, owner of Capitol MMA & Elite Fitness Jeremy Lafreniere stops by (1:16:43) to make this podcast even more amazing. Listen in, seriously, both Scott and Jeremy are smart guys with great views on mixed martial arts, business ideology, and life! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @VerbalTapCast and give us a little rating if you are downloading this on iTunes!

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Scott Nelson and other.

Raf’s Recollection | Without a doubt, Scott Nelson is single-handedly the best pre I’ve ever conducted.

In the world of entertainment, the pre (or pre interview) is typically where agents and publicists tell a producer what their clients will or will not talk about with the host.  When people ask why most talk show interviews come off so phony, it’s because of this very concept.

However, when you conduct a pre-interview with Scotty, you’re in for a treat.

“I’ll talk about anything.  I don’t have a very good filter and I’m not very PC.  Ask away and be prepared for honest answers, cuz I don’t give a fuck.”

So it should be no surprise when we inform you that the owner of On The Mat, Scott Nelson, really came through with a MUST-LISTEN interview this week.

On the podcast, Scotty tells us what it was like to be a last minute replacement ref on the Metamoris card, being a part of the very first instant replay in jiu-jitsu (or, as we’ve dubbed it, the honorary “Scotty Nelson Instant Replay”), what it was like to live and train in Brazil, his role as a mentor to new businesses (both inside and out of BJJ), and even at some point offered to make a Verbal Tap gi(?).

I’m sorry, I needed to stop for a second.  My heart kinda stopped at the very concept of a Verbal Tap gi.


Not bad for a first timer, huh?

And when Scotty says he isn’t afraid to provide honest responses, he truly means it—as he gives us some very direct answers about the problems with modern jiu-jitsu and weighs in on the very controversial issue of producing hemp gi’s.

Of course, there are few people better equipped to talk about the trouble of creating and maintaining a brand than Scott Nelson.  As a business owner who’s seen his own share of highs and lows, Scott doesn’t mince words when it comes to crisis communication.  He’s been there, he’s lived it, and he knows what it’s like to be the center of attention when something goes awry.

But what I’ve always like about Scott can be summed up in the following example: Right before Metamoris 3, Scotty could be seen greeting friends and fans alike.  About ten minutes before the show, Scotty walked around the perimeter of the waiting area distributing a set of On The Mat sponsored flyers around the tables.

My first thought was: “Couldn’t he just get someone to do that for him?”  While I was slightly perplexed at first (as I’m pretty sure Scotty could easily get someone else to drop the flyers off for him), it later all made perfect sense.  This is a guy who not only understands the value of making yourself accountable to consumers, but who also takes great pleasure in meeting new people and staying connected with the community he loves.

Perhaps that small follow through is just one of the reasons his business continues to flourish?

Jeremy Lafreniere

Jeremy Lafreniere

Jeremy Lafreniere

According to everyone, ever, running a gym is tough.

It certainly helps, however, when you’ve got a strong acumen for business, a nice personality to get along with customers, and you get your start teaching MMA classes in an elementary school room filled with art supplies.

Yep, you read that right.

Capital MMA and Elite Fitness owner Jeremy Lafreniere tells us how he was able to take his Elementary School teaching degree and parlay that into a journey that took him from teaching friends martial arts in an elementary school classroom to the owner of an MMA school that has branched out to four other locations.

It’s a great story that demonstrates how a passion for jiu-jitsu, patience, and some encouragement from Royce can do for you.

Oh, yeah, sorry.  That’s Royce Gracie who strongly suggested Jeremy open up an academy.  No big.

And in my favorite part of the interview, Jeremy tells us a great story about watching one of his former students asked to open up a school under the Capital MMA and Elite Fitness banner.

If you’ve ever remotely wondered what the experience of opening up your own gym might be like, you’d definitely want to hear Jeremy provide his insight.  And if you’re in the Alexandria, Virgina area, do yourself a favor and hit up his academy!

Kevin Taps Out

Kev’s still bitter about this apparently.

But Wait, There’s More

We discovered this week that Kev still harbors some resentment the photo right here.

He spent the early part of the podcast calling this maneuver (many of you enlightened individuals would know as a sharpshooter) “illegal.”

What part of this completely legit BJJ move is “illegal,” I ask you?

Nonetheless, we take the conversation as an opportunity for me to educate Kevin about why the Undertaker’s 21-1 streak at Wrestlemania is such a big deal.


And why I can’t stop laughing at this guy.

That’s all we got for this week.

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