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Interview originally published on The New Full ContactAn AOL chat session conducted on May 29/97.Thanks to and Ron Simpson for getting this to Full Contact.

MAW CHAT: VICTOR IS IN THE BUILDING but he only has 40 min…(From here on, MAW CHAT is “interpreting ” for Belfort)

ViperTS: Vitor, what is your opinion on drug testing for UFC fighters?

MAW CHAT: Testing would be good because a lot of guys are doing them I am lighter than everyone.

AWYLDER 1: Vitor ,what is your strategy?

MAW CHAT: Strategy is a surprise. Watch the fight and you will see.

ViperTS: VITOR, what is your weight and body fat percentage?

MAW CHAT: 215 ….body fat 4%…

MAFIA55868: Vitor what will you do when tank lands his famous right?

MAW CHAT: If Tank lands his right it will be the luckiest thing in the world for him. Like winning the lottery.

RRush49240: He has NO guard, as you know, and you should expose that.

MAW CHAT: Guard…every fight will be a little different.

OilersEG27: Vitor would you like to fight Coleman in the future?

MAW CHAT: Coleman…Sure it will be a cool fight.

GeeRHeD2: People Vitor is not going to reveal fight strategy.

NOBLEHSE: Vitor will you fight other BJJ fighters??

MAW CHAT: BJJ players..actually I don’t like to fight my Brazillians but if they pay enough… but it is not in my plans.

ViperTS: Vitor, have you been training in any styles other than JJ and boxing?

MAW CHAT: Styles…just the two.

Trophyz: Vitor, who in your opinion deserves to be called the Greatest NHB fighter today???

MAW CHAT: Greatest…I am trying to do the best for everyone.

RRush49240: Vitor, would you be interested in visiting my BJJ school?

MAW CHAT: I am very proud if people recognize my work (misunderstood ?)

Enemy Z956: Vitor, how long is it gonna take for you to beat Tank?

MAW CHAT: Time ….I don’t know.

GeeRHeD2: Vitor do you plan to open your own school in the Southern california area?

MAW CHAT: Vitor had a call fro Californai and had to go to the phone but he agreed to come back in a half hour…sorry.I had a hard time getting him to stay for this short time even…

30 minutes later….

AWYLDER 1: Vitor ,Is Mark Coleman in your future?

MAW CHAT: Yes Coleman would be a good fight.

RONMETRX: Vitor, Tank has been training with Jesse Reid the boxing coach will you take Tank down?

MAW CHAT: JN on the ground.. I train to avoid any taking me to the ground.

RONMETRX: Vitor, Tank has been training with Jesse Reid the great boxing coach will you take Tank down and not slug with hiim?

MAW CHAT: Boxing…I am not afraid of boxing. I box with professionals.

Tuazon: Vitor, How do you fare when you spar with Rickson?

MAW CHAT: Against Rickson…JJ (one minute).

ViperTS: Vitor, do you feel you’re a better striker or grappler?

MAW CHAT: Training is training and fighting is fighting. Anything can happen.

MAW CHAT: I train longer in JJ.

Luvbug712: You only faught 2 people is that enough to make considered one of the best?

MAW CHAT: The Best … I don’t consider myself one of the best other people say that …my life is to fight and train..I have also fought in Hawaii, John Hess..knocked him out in 18 sec…

Randydidit: Vitor…Tank is helpless on the ground…why not go down with him A.S.A.P?

MAW CHAT: In every fight I try to be the best.

JKaye02: Have you ever made a Gracie tap out in sparring with them?

MAW CHAT: No. Never train with many of them either.

MADDOG9236: Vitor,why did you stop training with Rickson,was it because of belt rank?

MAW CHAT: Belt? Not at all. Because of Carlson. Rickson told me to choose between them.

RONMETRX: Vitor, who will be in your corner?

MAW CHAT: Carlson will be in my corner and boxing trainer Al Stankie.

JNC23405: do you respect Wrestlers ??

Spw42: what % of your traing do you spend in the gaurd?

MAW CHAT: guard? equal to everything.

Skytwis919: Vitor’s thoughts on Coleman/Smith in UFC 14?

MAW CHAT: UFC 14? Now a days Coleman is number one. Who can say, anything can happen.

GeeRHeD2: Vitor, describe you training routine?

MAW CHAT: Training…wakes up some weights…some boxing or JuJitsu some stretching and some yoga six days a week.

MADDOG9236: what do you feel is more effective boxing or bjj?

MAW CHAT: Boxing/Bjj….the combinationis the best.

JNC23405: MAW how about my wrestling ??

AgnstcFrnt: Do you want to see the time limit disappear or the judges?

MAW CHAT: limit ….. I don’t like three rounds of five minutes, but it is fine the way it is.

LAGYT: Vitor, Do u run for endurance ?

MAW CHAT: Run….no.

JKaye02: Vitor, Who is the most impressive fighter that you have seen?

MAW CHAT: Impressive….Mike Tyson and Carlson Gracie.

Subgrap: Have you ever been hit with a punch like Tank’s?

MAW CHAT: Tank punch…yes since I train in boxing you get hit…

Mlecompt: Why not use the gracie name? It was offered to you.

MAW CHAT: Gracie name..Carlson Gracie was to adopt me, but some family members started to be rude before I ever fought, I decided not to take the name because I didn’t need the name the name needed me, I was doing it for Carlson it was his dream.

MAW CHAT: Most of the Gracies get along fine with me only some don’t.

Subgrap: How do you feel about other fighter’s asking too much $$$?

MAW CHAT: $$ I feel that that they deserve it for all the training they do. Boxers make lots of money and don’t have to train as hard..and they fight with rules!

Skytwis919: Who would you like to fight the most? iN NHB?

MAW CHAT: Most..Coleman we think the same way it would be a good fight but I don’t choose I will fight who ever is there.

JNC23405: your the best out ther Vitor good luck.

MAW CHAT: Thank you very much.

Subgrap: If you decide to box will you still fight NHB?

MAW CHAT: fight who ever is there and who ever is the fight will be the most important fight.

JNC23405: Do you respect Wrestlers?

MAW CHAT: JNC..yes of course.

GeeRHeD2: Vitor, which gracies dont you get along with, and how so?

MAW CHAT: I get along along with everyone.

Jiujammer: Do you train with a gi or only withour a gi?

MAW CHAT: JuJu…without most of the time but both.

Subgrap: If you decide to box will you still fight NHB?

MAW CHAT: SUB… I will finish out my contract with NHB then I will box and hopefully make the Olympic in Sydney Australia.

Skytwis919: You had any more contact with Tyson or King since they called after last UFC?

MAW CHAT: Tyson or King…no.

JNC23405: Why Tank , Why now???

MAW CHAT: Why Tank….It seems that Tank doesn’t believe Brazillian technique besides, the UFC (ArtD) decided, not me.

Subgrap: Have you found that the Americans have progressed a lot in NHB competition?

MAW CHAT: Americans….the need to improve more the other events…the Brazillians have been doing this type of fighting for over 70 years and have many fighting leagues…here they need to get more leagues..

end of chat….

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