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This Article originally appeared on The entire archive of information is now available on OntheMat.comThis interview took place shortly after Belfort’s loss to Randy Couture in UFC 15 (Oct 1997).

QVitor were you yourself for your fight with Couture?

VBYes, I train very hard for fight against Couture, I was not sick I feels very good.

QWhat was your plans against Couture?

VBPlan was to make Couture work hard for takedown and box him when he come in.

QIt looked that your plan was working, but you became tired protecting the takedown.

VBYes, I defended many takedown attempt, but as time went on became more tired.

QWere you surprised with Couture’s boxing skills?

VBHis boxing skills are average.

QIt looked like he knocked you out on your feet.

VBYes, he hit me with one good shot to the chin that dazed me, but anyone can get knocked out. It was a lucky punch, but a good one.

QMany say you should have used jiu-jitsu strategy instead of boxing.

VBYes Carlson told me I should have kept the single leg takedown when I had his leg, but I let it go and tried to box more.

QHow was Couture’s ground skills?

VBHe had good takedown, good base, no finishing skills.

QSo how do you feel about this defeat?

VBHe beat me with the one good punch, I thought I was doing good until that point.

QWill you fight again?

VBOf course, everyone loses, no matter who you are, I’m still very young and have lots to learn. At least I am not afraid to go against the best wrestlers!

QAre you saying many jiu-jitsu fighters are afraid?

VBNo, only some. Gurgel, Barreto and Renzo we are not afraid. Rickson and Royce are afraid to fight the best wrestlers.

QWho will be your next opponent?

VBThe promoters have not yet decided, hopefully a rematch with Couture.

QHow would you fight him differently?

VBTrain for longer fight, more jiu-jitsu.

QThank you for talking with us.

VBYou’re welcome.

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