Vitor Miranda is dedicated 100% to MMA

Considered one of the toughest heavyweight strikers from Brazil, the K-1 veteran Vitor Miranda moved from Santa Catarina to Rio de Janeiro, where he gives Muay Thai classes at the Delfim’s Academy, and train with names like Pedro Rizzo, Glover Teixeira, and Thales Leites. The fighter told OTM about the new phase of his career and promised that he will now be devoted entirely to MMA.


Why did you decide to move to Rio de Janeiro?


I came here because of André Pederneiras and Gabriel, that’s the Delfim’s owner. I’m giving my classes here and doing all Muay Thai training, MMA, Boxing and floor, and wrestling with the Delfim’s people and the professionals of MMA.


How are the workouts?


They are very good and very strong. Every workout I improve a lot, because I am required and have to give back. Technically I’m feeling better and more confident. Here has only experienced fighters, so I just have to evolve.


Before you divided your time between MMA and Muay Thai. You will give 100% to MMA from now?


Now I decided to focus 100% on MMA, since it has no way to do both at a high level. At this high level at which the fights are today, or does well one thing or another. I therefore decided to opt for giving me completely by MMA and with that I’m adapting my game in standing to the modality.


Has some fight ahead?


I had a fight, but canceled due to the sponsors. Now I’ll have to look for other things. Andre Pederneiras, my manager, is already seeing it for me. I believe that within a week, I’ll know where I will fight.


How you already was preparing for the other fight, now is just keep training?


Sure, I was ready and now I’m just doing maintenance until André get some fight. I was on the pace and now it just kept going.


You train every day with Pedro Rizzo, who will face Gary Goodridge on May 15. What do you expect of his fight?


I train with Pedro since 2007 and he is a very strong fighter. He had bad moments in some fights, but I think it was only because of the psychological, since it is physically he is very strong. I think that if he does his best, Gary will not be able to win. I rely 100% on Pedro. He has a good head, the team is very good and very united, making the things easier to him. Our workouts are very strong and nobody gets hurt. I believe that this time he’ll knock Gary.

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