Want even better takedowns? Well, let the takedown Coach of World Champion DJ Jackson let you in on the secret strategies.


For those of you who do not know my background, I am one of the rare few to hold a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and have a Division I college wrestling background. Let me tell you the transition has not been easy but it has been worth it.

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Recently, I was given the opportunity to coach DJ Jackson and my task was to make sure he became a World Champion in just a little over one months time. Understanding the charge before me I implemented a rigorous gameplan and strategy for DJ on top of what Master Lloyd Irvin had already done. The great thing about Master Lloyd Irvin is that his athletes are prepared and ready for anything at a moments notice. I put DJ through simple drills and collected the intel at each interval and reported it to Master Lloyd to understand what worked best for him and also develop a system that can work at any level for those looking to accomplish their dreams of becoming a World Champion with even little to zero takedown exposure. Yes, DJ had a great takedown game already, so let’s be clear but he still had work to do. 


I plan to show you all how this was accomplished and give you the precise gameplan we chose and offer you a gameplan that will suit your individual needs.


One pointer that can help you right now that helped DJ was his focus and willingness to succeed, he was willing to do whatever it took. Understanding the task ahead of us I consulted with the always helpful Master Lloyd, and asked if he would tell DJ to drill, on top of our 3 day a week plan, an extra one hour a day on his own with his partner. The result here was sharp takedown skills as evidenced by his wins over Tussa and Clark Gracie,, among others. Some people say it is boring to have a top game that wins. I guess you could say that but isn’t getting better and dominating at what you do best equally exciting. 


Regardless of your perceptions, the result of DJ’s effort was victory, and well-deserved at that. All props to him and his team, I consider myself a mere pawn to his success that Team Lloyd Irvin developed and DJ implemented.

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