Weekend Fight Roundup: November 15th

Weekend Fight Roundup will let you know all the big wins and losses that happened outside of the UFC this weekend. From Bellator to WSOF, who won?

Weekend Fight Roundup

This Weekend Fight Roundup had some big fights going on outside the UFC that may have taken so eyes off the title fight.

Weekend Fight Roundup: Bellator 131

Tito Ortiz defeated Stephan bonnar by split decision and it was one of the sloppiest fights in a long time. The scores are head scratching in that two judges gave all three rounds to Tito while the third judge gave to rounds to Bonnar. The heat was still hot after the fight ended showing that maybe the hype was not just hype, but nonetheless when these two fighters pull in over 2/3 of the recorded pay something is wrong with that discrepancy.

It may be time for Michael Chandler to stop getting title shots. His third title shot in a row and his third loss. That includes two to Will Brooks who essentially broke him in the fight with a fourth round TKO. Bellator hypes the division by saying it is deep, but with the same fighters continually fighting it might not be as deep as they say it is.

Also on the card, Joe Schilling shellacked vaunted striker Melvin Manhoef after taking a beating in the first round. The same goes for the fates of Nam Phan and Joe Vepedo who fell to Mike Richman and Muhammad Lawal respectively.

Weekend Fight Roundup: WSOF 15

The WSOF did not have such a finish friendly card as Bellator did, but it did put on some great fights. While there was originally supposed to be three title fights, Melvin Guillard could not make weight for one of the biggest fights on his career.  He dropped 50 percent of his fight purse and dropped the fight the night of the event. He was not the only favorite to fall that night though.

In the main event, David Branch pulled off an upset knocking out former UFC Middleweight title challenger Yushin Okami in the fourth round. It was a pretty back and forth fight until that round, but after being dropped late in the fight he was finished. That is a big win for WSOF and a big loss for Okami’s late career.

Also on the card, Jessica Aguilar defended her title for the second straight time since joining the WSOF. She is the only top strawweight female fighter outside of the UFC and it seems like only a matter of time until the UFC signs her, because with every win she seems to cement herself and not only a top strawweight but the best strawweight in the UFC.

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