Wendell Negão defeats Chatuba at Mega Kombat

Governador Valadares, BRAZIL – A great upset happened last Saturday in Brazil. Former Shooto South-American Champion, Andre Chatuba, was defeated by Wendell Negão. In all three rounds, Negão, a Gracie Fusion fighter, showed a good strategy, controlling his opponent and winning by unanimous decision.


In another great fight, Francimar Bodão, with good takedowns and a powerful ground and pound, defeated the Argentine fighter Jacko Quintana by TKO at third round.


Check the full results below:


Mega Kombat 1

Governador Valadares, Brazil

July 24, 2010


Antídio Neto def. Flávio Polonês – TKO R1

Francimar Bodão def. Jacko Quintana – TKO R3

Jamil Silveira def. Rafael Miranda – decision

Wendel Negão def. André Chatuba – decision

Pedrinho Nobre def. Jerry Tolentino – Submission (rear naked choke) R1

Daniel Azeredo Gelo def. Wagner Araújo  – TKO R2

Gabriel Monkey def. Celso Farpado – decision

Gilvan JR def. Carlos Peixoto –  Submission (rear naked choke) R1

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