When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong In MMA

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — The always hilarious comedian Dave Chappelle used to have a famous skit on his television show highlighting moments in people’s lives when "keepin’ it real goes wrong". Well, one of those such moments was highlighted quite violently in MMA this Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas.

Despite UFC 151 being canceled the night before, Tuff-N-Uff offered an amateur MMA card featuring a 4-man 125-pound tournament. In one of the two opening round contests, Shai Lindsey (House of RYU) started showboating late in the second round. He did so by putting his hands out to the side, while verbally taunting his opponent Carlo Juinio (Cobra Kai). However, instead of frustrating Juinio into making a mistake the way the Diaz brothers often do, Juinio made him pay for his antics with a perfectly timed head kick KO in the closing moments of Round 2.

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