With a Jungle Fight belt, Lineker says he’s ready for UFC

 Regarded as one of the greatest Brazilian promises up to 61 kg, John Lineker showed in the Jungle Fight 32, that now he is a top fighter in the national MMA scenario. In the duel against the equally tough Iliarde Santos, Lineker had consistent performance, despite the unanimous decision victory, which gave him the champion title.


Lineker proved that has evolved in every aspect of the game. His power in striking earned him the nickname "Hands of Stone", and eight of 19 win came by knockout or technical knockout. Against Iliarde showed that the wrestling and jiu-jitsu training at Team Emporium in Paraná are paying off with good takedown defense and effective ground game.


"My jiu-jitsu teacher Marcelo Ribeiro made me train hard on the ground. I also had wrestling with Fabio, in Curitiba. I managed to defend takedowns and working my jiu-jitsu. Didn’t show everything yet, but I have developed well and got the win, "John celebrated.


However, the striking remains the flagship. Iliarde felt several times Lineker’s hands in the fight, standing and on the ground and pound. Endured, received congratulations from the champion, who thinks that this tough fight made him more prepared for higher flights.


"Didn’t expect him to endure so much. It seemed that I would finish the fight soon, but he was a warrior and came back. He has a strong chin. I could not finish in the 1st round, but had to go to the third and show that I was prepared. Now I’m even surer I am prepared for an international event, " says Lineker.


"I hope Wallid look at me with other eyes, and put me in an event like the UFC," dreams the new Jungle champion. Especially with the Jungle Fight belt, an event that tends to export athletes directly to the UFC, as recent champions Yuri Marajó and Erick Silva.

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