WOCS 14 suffers two casualties on the card, but organizers are betting on big show


Announced for July 23, at Club de Regatas do Flamengo, in Rio de Janeiro, the WOCS 14 had casualties last week. The first, however, was for good reason, since Thiago Michel, who would face Claudiere Freitas, was hired by Bellator. "We tried to find a substitute to fight against Claudiere when he informed us that he broke his finger and decided to cancel the fight", said the organizer Tata Duarte.
In addition to the output of Thiago Michel, also was announced the replacement of Julio Cesar Merenda by Tiago Marreta, since Merenda suffered a serious injury on the left knee and may have to undergo by a surgery on the place. Merendar, which also represents the TFT, will face Mauricio Deltinha. The changes, however, do not let the developers concerned with the quality of the show, which has almost sold out tickets.
"We believe that despite the casualties suffered on last minute, the card continues with great athletes, who make exciting fights. We still have fight for the belt in the weight up to 66 kg between Bob Esponja and Mauricio Facção", said Phillip Lima.
Check out the current card (subject to change):
Bruno Robusto (Baixinho Team) x Gilvan Alves (Pamplona)
Mauricio Deltinha (Baixinho Team) x Tiago Marreta (TFT) 
Eduardo Simões (BTT) x Bruno Orelha (Relma)
Geovanni Diniz (NU) x Ismael Bueno (Ismael Team)
Luis Beição (NU) x Dimitri Burgo (Paraná VT)
Alexandre Baixinho (Carlson) x Paulo Rambinho (Minotauro Team)
Arthur Gogó (Gordo Evolve) x Keninho (Arvellos Gold Team)
Dispute of belt up to 66 kg
Lucas Bob Esponja (TFT) x Mauricio Facção (Full House)


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