WOCS makes marathon of GPs in Brazil

 The pair of businessmen Tata Duarte and Phillip Lima follows a marathon of events. After the success in Brazil Fight 4, is the time of WOCS come into play. The 11th edition of the event will take place on April 29, in Campo Grande. Then it’s time to shake the event of Juiz de Fora, on May 7. Finally, on 13 May, the organizers arrives in Brasilia.


In Campo Grande, the promise of big emotions come with the 77kg GP, which has the tough fighters André Chatuba, Luis Beição, Mauro Xuxa and Tico Pedroso. Already in Juiz de Fora, is the time of the 66kg GP, with Johnny Eduardo, Lucas Bob Esponja, Maurício Facção and Alexandre Pinheiro. The event of the Federal District, with the 83kg GP, will still have the card confirmed.


"It will be three events in the grand prix format, which promises a lot of emotion. I’m sure it will not miss it!", says Phillip Lee.


Check the card of the issues of Campo Grande and Juiz de Fora:



WOCS 11 

Campo Grande 

April 29, 2011


GP until 77 Kg

André Chatuba (Relma / Minotauro)

Luis Beição (Nova União)

Mauro Xuxa (check Matt)

Tico Pedroso (World Strong)


Others Fights

William Viana (TFT) x Luizinho da Silva (Gracie BarraMS)

Ivan freitas (TFT) x Gilmar Sanches (GB MS)

Fábio Larvinha (TFT) x José Elias (GB MS)

Nilson Pulgatti (TFT) x Davi Sutil (Freestyle)

Wande Lopes (TFT) x Cleiton Alves (Dojô Fight CG)

Bruno Swarts (TFT) x Sergio Freitas ( Dojô Fight CG)



WOCS 12 

Juiz de Fora

May 07, 2011


GP until 66kg

Lucas Bob Esponja (TFT)

Johnny Eduardo (Nova União)

Alexandre Pinheiro (JT Caverna)

Mauricio Facção (G. Fusion BH / Full House)


Others fights

Paulo Diniz (CM System) x Carlos Peixoto (BTT)

Julio Cesar Merenda (TFT) x Kall (BCT / CM System)

Toninho (NG Combat) x Vinicius (Santos)

Keninho (Arvellos Gold Team JF) x Gélson (Charlie Brown)

Gabriel Timbó (Ricardo Marques / BTT) x Buno Matos (Relma)

Bruno Carvalho (BCT / CM System) x Claudio Chatuba (Relma)

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