WSOF 25 Tournament Results

The World Series of Fighting returned to the classic tournament format to help  find the next contender for the lightweight title, and by a case of unlikely fight and injuries, a fighter who lost int he first round won the whole tournament.

While our predictions were messed up by last minute drop outs and fight reshuffles, we were left with the same main event we thought we would see. The issue is that it came with one of the participants already having a loss. In the opening round Joao Zeferino took out Brian Foster in under two minutes with a heel hook which you thought would end the nigh in most situation. Unfortunately, when Mike Ricci knocked out Joe Condon via head kick he hurt his hip. This meant that someone had to fill his spot int he tournament which Brian Foster picked up the spot.

Also in the opening round, Islam Mamedov would pick up a decision win over Jorge Patino via decision, but the problem was that he hurt his ACL and was dropped from the tournament. This meant Patino was still in the tournament. Also, Luis Palomino was looking to get a third crack at the title which he looked close to doing after knocking out his opening round opponent in under one round. With the win he would go on to face Foster.

Brian Foster made the most of his second chance by knocking out Palomino in under one round. This gave him a good shot to the final where he would end up facing off with Joao Zeferino again. Zeferino made his way to the final by heel hooking Jorge Patino in the first round.

In the final, Foster took on Zeferino and it almost ended up the same as the first when Zeferino tried to heel hook Foster after going to the ground. Zeferino then continued to try and pull guard but the issue was that poster would not engage and they made it to the second round. There a continued standing assault wore down Zeferino and TKOd him, so despite losing the opening round Foster came back with a vengeance. Now, he gets a shot at winning the title when he fights for it sometime next year.

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