Yuri Alcantara celebrates victory in U.S. debut


Yuri Marajó made his first fight outside of Brazil on Thursday, at WEC 53, in the USA. The fighter defeated Ricardo Lamas by knockout in the first round, debuting in the organization, which now joins the UFC.


I was Distak beside me, which is the best coach in Brazil, we build a strategy and everything went right”, said Alcantara, “I’ll fight in a low division in the UFC, the featherweight, because the guys are strong up to 70kg. I’ve lost very little weight, so it’s better to go down on category”.


Alcantara, that after landing in Brazil will move to Rio de Janeiro, confessed that he was not intimidated by the American public as he is wont to fight under pressure from the fans in Brazil


The public is equal to Belém, I’m used to. The event is very big and serves to launch the careers of any athlete who wants to fight MMA”, he added.

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