11 World Champions join Marcelo Garcia in NY for his ADCC 2011 Training Camp

Marcelo Garcia’s ADCC TRAINING CAMP 
Marcelo Garcia hosted an intense training camp for a few major upcoming competitions this fall including ADCC, which will take place this September 24-25 weekend in England. Just a week ago, eleven World Champions took the mats at Marcelo Garcia’s Academy in Midtown Manhattan all in one night.

Black Belts present on the mats included:

    Marcelo Garcia
    Ryan Hall
    Antonio Peinado
    Gabi Garcia
    Kurt Pellegrino
    Luis Azeredo
    And more!
In the footage, check out Marcello wearing his signature OTM Marcelo Garcia gi!
Highlight video from Marcelo’s ADCC training camp: http://www.mginaction.com/VideoDetails.aspx?VideoId=7851

The training camp will carry through September 20th. According to the multiple world champion, “Everyone is more than welcome to drop in and watch these super-star athletes prepare for victory! If you are a blue belt or higher and wish to participate in training with everyone here at the camp, check out the schedule at our academy website.”  1:00pm & 7:40pm EVERY WEEKDAY UNTIL SEPTEMBER 20th.


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