2011 North American Youth Pankration Championships

November 13, 2011

Laguna Hills High School

25401 Paseo De Valencia

Laguna Hills, CA 92653

  • Double elimination North American Pankration Championships for youth ages 15 & under
  • Medals awarded to top 3 finishers in each weight class
  • Team Trophy awarded to top 3 Teams


    $40 pre registration fee (CSAC or CAMO license IS NOT required for this event)

    $60 at the door

    $10 Spectators / 6 yrs and under free

  • Coaches with 3 or more preregistered athletes enter for free




    Saturday Nov. 12 (6PM to 8PM)
    Laguna Hills High School Wrestling Room 
    Sunday Nov. 13 (8AM to 9AM) 
    Laguna Hills High School Wrestling Room
    ** Weigh in will close at specified times. No exceptions**


BOYS 14 & 15 YRS (Age as of day of tournament)

110lbs & under

110.1 to 120lbs

121.1 to 135lb

135.1 to 150lbs

150.1 to 170lbs

GIRLS 12 to 15 yrs (Age as of day of tournament)

80lbs & under

80.1 to 100lbs

100.1 to 120lbs

120.1 to 140lbs

140.1 to 160lbs

BOYS 12 & 13 YRS (Age as of day of tournament)

85lbs & under

85.1 to 95lbs

95.1 to 115lbs

115.1 to 125lbs

125.1 to 140lbs

BOYS & GIRLS 10 & 11 YRS (Age as of day of tournament)

70lbs & under

70.1 to 80lbs

80.1 to 90lbs

90.1 to 110lbs

BOYS & GIRLS 8 & 9 YRS (Age as of day of tournament)

55lbs & under

55.1 to 65lbs

65.1 to 75lbs

BOYS & GIRLS 5 to 7 YRS (Age as of day of tournament)

45lbs & under

45.1 to 50lbs

50.1 to 60.bs

•        Competitors may move up one weight and/or one age group. Moving down to

a lesser weight or age is not permitted.

•        Athletes may be moved to an older or heavier weight group only with

parental or coaches consent.

•        Full refunds will be offered in lieu of moving up in weight or age if

no other competitors.

•        Competitors with weights that exceed the heaviest weight class in their

age division must move up to the next age group.

*Athletes who do not fit in any of the weight categories must contact tournament

organizer at jfrank128@cox.net to determine possibility of adding weight


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