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Felipe Costa teaching Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in South Africa

By Felipe Costa / October 31, 2008

Felipe Costa teaching Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in South Africa Felipe Costa was in South Africa during 5 days, while there besides 2 seminars in different cities (Durban and Johannesburg) he also gave a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu class to a group of kids. It was awesome, Felipe Costa rolled with everyone and it was fun! Click on this […]


BJJ for BLIND KIDS – Jiu-jitsu para deficientes Visuais

By Felipe Costa / September 6, 2008

BJJ for BLIND KIDS / Jiu-jitsu para deficientes Visuais This is the only social project in the world that dedicate their time to teach the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to visual challenge kids. 3 minutes vdeo: http://www.brazilianblackbelt.com/watch_news.php?idArticles=1026 For more information contact us through: http://www.brazilianblackbelt.com/academies_view.php?idAcademies=11 Este é o único projeto social no mundo que se dedica […]


Felipe Costa touring NORTH AMERICA

By Felipe Costa / June 6, 2008

Felipe Costa touring NORTH AMERICA Felipe Costa will stay the next 2 months in USA and Canada. bjj in canada and USA If you want to join one of his Jiu jitsu seminar or Personal Training Program, check out the calendar to see when he will be close to you. June 6 to 8 – […]



By Felipe Costa / May 6, 2008

GOOD NEWS!!! Here is a selection of the best pictures I took in the last BJJ CAMP. I hope you guys like it. http://www.brazilianblackbelt.com/watch_news.php?idArticles=880 Also, I would like to tell that our next BJJ CAMP is schedule for August 1th. Please let your friends know and tell me if any of you are interest. Keep […]


Photos Poland

By Felipe Costa / February 23, 2008

http://www.brazilianblackbelt.com/watch_news.php?idArticles=801 Felipe Costawww.felipecosta.com 55(21) 9404-4567


Felipe Costa News

By Felipe Costa / February 5, 2008

Hello my friends! I’m writing you to show you guys some pictures and to share the news that I have just fought and won the 2008 European Tournament fighting one weight class above mine. To make it even better I won the current Brazilian National Champion (CBJJ) and current World Champion (CBJJE) of this weight […]


BJJ CAMP: April 5, 2008!!!!

By Felipe Costa / November 13, 2007

Hello everyone!!! Im writing to let you know that we have schedule the Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP, it will happen in April 5, 2008. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!! The vacation you have been dreaming! We will only have 15 spots available as usual and some spots are already taken, if you are considering coming, […]


Can a little girl CHOKE OUT an ADCC World Champion????

By Felipe Costa / September 19, 2007

On this video, a little girl try to choke out Demian Maia, current ADCC 88kgs Champion and multiple times BJJ World champion, who have just sign a contract with UFC. Do you think he will tap? http://www.brazilianblackbelt.locaweb.com.br/site/videos_ver.asp?id_video=94 Felipe Costawww.felipecosta.com 55(21) 9404-4567 NEW BJJ DOCUMENTARYCLICK HERE TO BUY!!!



By Felipe Costa / August 2, 2007

My friends, I would like to invite you to participate in our BJJ CAMP that will be for the first time in USA. Please check the info below and let me know if you can make it this time. Hope to see you again! Best regards, Felipe Costa Jiu-Jitsu Camp September 15th through the 22nd […]


PTP Testimonial

By Felipe Costa / July 8, 2007

My friends, I got this testimonial and it made me very happy to read it. that is why I would like to share it with you “The techniques helped to develop our Jiu Jitsu immensely” I recently had the opportunity to invite Felipe Costa to my house for a week doing The Personal Training Program. […]

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