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The knight errant

By Felipe Costa / June 8, 2007

The knight errantFelipe Costa, 28, started practicing Jiu-Jitsu at 12. His passion for the sport came early, but he did not hold a thought of making a living from it. That was until 2003. article from www.graciemag.com “After I became world champion, things started to change,” said the current Brazilian rooster weight champion. “I started […]


Felipe: Brazilian National CHAMPION 2007

By Felipe Costa / May 30, 2007

Hello my friends! Ola meus amigos! Im writting to thanks all of you for the support that made me reach, once again, the top level! Escrevo para agradecer o apoio de todos que me ajudaram, mais uma vez, a tingir o topo! this weekend I got the gold in the BRAZILIAN NATIONAL in the rooster […]


fotos Mexico Abril 2007

By Felipe Costa / May 11, 2007

Reply Reply Reply to all Reply to all Forward Forward Move Copy Delete Previous Item Next Item Close Help This message was sent with high importance. From: Felipe Costa [felipepcs@hotmail.com] Sent: Tue 5/1/2007 5:07 PM To: felipepcs@hotmail.com Cc: Subject: fotos Mexico Abril 2007 Attachments: View As Web Page http://www.brazilianblackbelt.locaweb.com.br/site/texto_noticia.asp?codigo=809 http://www.brazilianblackbelt.locaweb.com.br/site/texto_noticia.asp?codigo=1212 http://www.brazilianblackbelt.locaweb.com.br/site/texto_noticia.asp?codigo=1109 Personal Training Program in […]


Felipe Costa ready to tour Europe again

By Felipe Costa / March 21, 2007

Felipe Costa ready to tour Europe again Last year, Felipe spent 6 months away from Rio de Janeiro with the Personal Training Program, visiting many academy around the world. 2007 he is ready to start again. Felipe Costa, 2003 Mundial Champion and 2006 World Cup champion, will leave to Europe for a month, passing by […]


Excellent Videos

By Felipe Costa / March 1, 2007

Meus amigos, My friends, Confiram esses 2 videos, o primeiro eh de uma luta minha recente, cerca de 2 semanas atras, lutando uma categoria de peso acima da minha, para entrar no ritmo. Check out this 2 videos, the first one is my latest fight, about 2 weeks ago, fighting one weight class higher than […]


pictures CARNAVAL 2007 fotos

By Felipe Costa / February 22, 2007

http://www.brazilianblackbelt.locaweb.com.br/site/texto_noticia.asp?codigo=1001 Click to see the pictues from our Carnival Fotos do Sambodromo: http://www.brazilianblackbelt.locaweb.com.br/site/texto_noticia.asp?codigo=1001 Felipe Costawww.felipecosta.com 55(21) 9404-4567 Come check me out on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/felipecosta Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Check out new video from my trip to NY

By Felipe Costa / January 17, 2007

Check out new video from my trip to NY http://www.brazilianblackbelt.locaweb.com.br/site/videos_ver.asp?id_video=52 Felipe Costawww.felipecosta.com 55(21) 9404-4567Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


VIDEO: Comprido

By Felipe Costa / November 13, 2006

VIDEO: Comprido fight in STATE TOURNAMENT 2006 VIDEO: Comprido lutando o Estadual 2006 http://www.brazilianblackbelt.locaweb.com.br/site/videos_ver.asp?id_video=21 www.compridobjj.com


Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP: March SECOND 2007!

By Felipe Costa / November 1, 2006

Hello my friends!!!! The next Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP is schedule, It will be March SECOND, 2007 If you are interest, send me a reply so I can save your spot and please help me to spread the news. Best regards, Felipe PS: Sorry that Im not sending a personal email, but I am […]


Felipe Costa seminars in September

By Felipe Costa / August 31, 2006

Felipe Costa seminars in September Felipe is leaving September first for a series of seminars, he will be in the first week of September in Mexico giving classes at Hermosillo (more info at www.jiujitsumexico.com) During the second week he will go to Alaska to give another week of gi and no-gi classes (more info at […]

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