Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP: March SECOND 2007!

Hello my friends!!!!

The next Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP is schedule, It will be March SECOND, 2007

If you are interest, send me a reply so I can save your spot and please help me to spread the news.

Best regards, Felipe

PS: Sorry that Im not sending a personal email, but I am still travelling and with short acess to the internet

Next Camp 03/02/07

The NEXT Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP will be:

March SECOND 2007!

Make sure to schedule your arrival to March first and to leave any day after the 12th. More info contact

BENEFITS Through a high quality lifestyle, we have the intention of helping our guests make BIG steps with their techniques. We are SURE that everyone will go back home with a feeling that they have NEVER learned so much in such a short time. We are going to teach the concepts (the way things work) so it can be incorporated into your own BJJ game.

Besides the BJJ improvement, you will mix this with the best vacation of your life. B├║zios is a place you will never forget, its beauty is outstanding and you will probably make plans to come back.

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