fotos Mexico Abril 2007

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Personal Training Program in CAMPECHE, Mexico

Felipe Costa during his visit to Mexico in end of April visited for the Personal Training Program (PTP) 3 cities.

Campeche was the first stop

Felipe, Cayman e Fernando

Cayman e Fernando

Piramides and PTP in Ticul, MEXICO08/05/2007

Piramides and PTP in Ticul, MEXICO

In his second stop in Mexico, Felipe visited TICUL a beautiful city, where besides the classes for the Personal Training Program he had the chance to visit some piramides with Fernando, Angel and Alberto.

Alberto, Fernando, Anjel and Felipe

PTP in Merida, MEXICO

This is Felipe´s second visit to Merida, it´s the city where he stayed the most this time.

Besides the hard training he got the chance to have a lot of fun with the students.



Camilo e Felipe

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