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My Post Fight Review

By Kenny Florian / April 8, 2008

Since the fight between myself and Joe Lauzon was announced in January, there was a lot of hype surrounding the fight. I had the honor of fighting a great fighter in a UFC Fight Night Main Event, which featured a star studded card that was shown live on Spike TV. All the fights entertained the […]


Ultimate Fight Night 11 Review

By Kenny Florian / September 26, 2007

Fighting as the Main Event in another live Spike TV UFC Fight Night against a phenomenal opponent was an honor. I can’t say enough about how much I respect Din Thomas and his team. Din is a perfect example of what a MMA fighter should be: He is highly skilled in all areas, fit, dangerous, […]


Kenny Florian: My Next Fight

By Kenny Florian / August 17, 2007

Last week, I signed a contract to fight at Ultimate Fight Night 11 on September 19th, which will be held at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. My fight against Din Thomas will be the main event of the night and be broadcast by Spike TV, beginning at 9pm (ET/PT). Originally, Spencer Fisher […]


Afghanistan Trip Update

By Kenny Florian / July 25, 2007

CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, QATAR – I arrived here safe and endured the long trip. Thankfully, I slept pretty well on the flight here. We waited at the airport and our ride came. He drove us to the base (Camp As Sayliyah) in Qatar where we went through several checkpoints. We ate dinner and pretty much […]


Going to Visit the Troops

By Kenny Florian / July 16, 2007

Over the next two weeks, I will be overseas visiting the men and women of the U.S. Military. I will be in countries like Afghanistan and Quatar to meet the brave soldiers, who put their lives on the line for us every day. If I can help these people even just a little bit, this […]


Robinson Fight Review

By Kenny Florian / July 11, 2007

My fight on July 7th marked my 7th official UFC fight. After the Mishima fight in April, I was eager to be tested again by a strong and talented fighter, who could push me on the ground. Thus, getting a win over Alvin Robinson on Saturday night by utilizing my wresting and jiu-jitsu skills was […]


Post Mishima Fight Review

By Kenny Florian / April 10, 2007

It feels good to be back home in Boston after my victory against Dokonjonosuke Mishima. I am also thankful that I didn’t suffer any injuries and can resume training after a few days off. Although many fans are unfamiliar with Mishima, I knew I had a tough fight on my hands. He is a world […]


Kenny Florian Newsletter

By Kenny Florian / February 23, 2007

I have been getting tons of e-mails and myspace messages as to when I am going to fight next. Well, I am excited to announce that I will be back strong in the Octagon on April 5th at “The Pearl” in The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. My fight will be broadcast live […]


Sherk Post Fight Update

By Kenny Florian / October 19, 2006

Dear Friends, In my fight against Sean Sherk, I accomplished a few goals, but fell short of my dream. On the positive – I fought in a world title fight for the UFC, fought a 5 round war, got the respect of my opponent and put on a fight that UFC fans loved. Unfortunately, I […]


Sherk Pre Fight Update

By Kenny Florian / October 9, 2006

Well Friends, Here we are again. After the Stout fight, I was able to take some needed time off to rest my back and body. I had been training nonstop since my fight with Kit Cope. These few weeks also enabled me to spend quality time with friends and family. When I resumed training, I […]

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