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Best of the West – Advanced Absolute

By NC / August 23, 2010

This Sunday’s Best of the West tournament, held at Canyon High School in Anaheim, was host to an awesome advanced absolute division. Several great competitors signed up for the open, resulting in some very exciting matches. CSW’s Erik Arevalo, dominated the division with superior wrestling and athleticism,  executing some highlight reel worthy suplexes. 2nd place […]


Unity Jiu-Jitsu: Review

By NC / August 15, 2010

Unity is defined as oneness of mind amongst a number of persons: concord, harmony, or agreement. Rigan Machado black belt, Nick Curson, held true to this idea when creating his new school, Unity Jiu Jitsu (UJJ), located in Redondo Beach. UJJ is conveniently located right down the street from South Torrance High. The gym is […]