Best of the West – Advanced Absolute

This Sunday’s Best of the West tournament, held at Canyon High School in Anaheim, was host to an awesome advanced absolute division. Several great competitors signed up for the open, resulting in some very exciting matches. CSW’s Erik Arevalo, dominated the division with superior wrestling and athleticism,  executing some highlight reel worthy suplexes. 2nd place went to Cleber Luciano black belt Felipe Fogolin, who showed some vicious leg attacks. 3rd place went to Ralph Gracie stand-out Sean Roberts. Links to all the matches can be found below.


1st Round:

Felipe Fogolin’s first match

Erik Arevalo’s first match

Sean Roberts vs. Nick Moghaddam

Don Stoner’s first match


2nd Round:

Felipe Fogolin vs. Sean Roberts:

Erik Arevalo vs. Don Stoner:


Finals: Erik Arevalo vs. Felipe Fogolin

3rd Place match: Sean Roberts vs. Don Stoner:

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