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Enson Inoue InterviewMarlene: So Enson what’s been up, how is your training at Pure Bred in Osaka, Japan?

Enson: It’s going good actually; the gyms in Japan are great. I’m looking to come to the states more and do some more seminars, and training. I’m doing a movie thing in Hollywood from the 4th to the 8th, a movie called “Red Belt” produced by David Mammoth.

Marlene: I did read something about that. So tell me more about your big screen debut?

Enson: I have no idea what my script is about but I’m here to do it I lost 20 pounds for it, I’m back in shape, not for a fight but for a movie.

Marlene: Well we’ve definitely seen you in so many wars in your MMA career. What would you say is your most memorable fight?

Enson: Probably Frank Shamrock and Igor Vovchanchyn. Ironically it’s not really Randy Couture. It was the two fights I actually lost because I learned a lot about myself in those two fights.

Marlene: Enson you were always known for that big heart you bring into the ring, and nowadays a lot of fighters lack that heart, do you think that is something that is lost within the new generation of fighters?

Enson: Well you gotta figure, when we were fighting, we were fighting for nothing. We were fighting for peanuts. Now the fighters are getting paid a lot better, so the incentive is more money now, you know. For us it was worth doing because we just love the sport, we love to get in there and just see what we can do. There are still fighters that have heart, but I think the target is just different now.

Marlene: So as of now you’re basically going to be starting production on the Red Belt movie, and doing seminars across the United States. Are you still pursuing moving up in rankings under your Jiu Jitsu instructor?

Enson: No actually, I haven’t done (sport) jiu jitus for about 8 years now. Actually I’ve been thinking about returning to the Mixed Martial Arts ring. Plus due to this movie, I’m back down to weight, I have my abs coming back, I’m feeling good and looking to step back in the ring by the end of this year or possibly the beginning of next year.

Marlene: There was a segment that they did on you in the film documentary “Rites of Passage,” can you elaborate more on the quote you said in the movie that states: “I would rather bleed in practice than die in the ring?”

Enson: Sure, in practice is where you want to train as hard as you can because eventually when you get in the ring and you put it all on the line, it’s the real thing. I was talking about one of my students and you know I beat him up and everything, but I’d rather him get hurt in practice than die in the ring because the ring is where you can die, you can’t die in practice.

Marlene: Anything else you’d like to add for all your fans at onthemat.com?

Enson: I’d like to say sorry for neglecting the fans in the states because I’ve been in Japan. I thought my marketing ability was only in Japan. I was always in Japan, but when I first came here for a seminar I got a warm reception and when I come to the events here I get treated like I’m still an active fighter. I really appreciate that and I’d like to give back and maybe fight in the states one more time and continue doing my seminars whenever I get offered. Pick up a shirt at purebredUSA.com!

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