Interview with Nashville MMA and former Gameness Fight Wear owner Ed Clay

How are you doing Ed?

“I’m fantastic!”

    What got you interested in Ron Paul?

“ I feel like Dr. Paul woke me up from a coma. When I first heard him speak in 2007, I was shocked. I started doing my own research. What I found blew me away. I have been keeping up with politics, foreign policy and the libertarian philosophy ever since”

    What is your take on the racist allegations that have come out against congressman Paul?

    “I am a part of Team Lloyd Irvin, I was 2004 Olympian Rhadi Ferguson’s agent; all of Team Lloyd Irvin are my family. I’d take a bullet for anyone of them. Lloyd and Rhadi are African American, if I thought, for even a second, that Dr. Paul was a racist, I would have nothing to do with him. Those allegations in the media are to divert from the real issues we are facing and Dr. Paul’s positions on them. Dr. Paul would do more for minorities than any other candidate. He is the only candidate up there that is looking at everyone as an individual, not dividing them into categories.

         When it comes to issues that the minorities are actually facing though, the fact of the matter is: The War on drugs is undeniably unfair to minorities. You have to look at the statistics. African Americans make up around 15% of drug users, but they account for roughly 40% of people arrested for drugs and from that around 60% of those convicted and 75% of the total number of drug offenders sentenced to do time in prison.

       Unfortunately most white people in the Republican party don’t want to hear the truth and the media wants to keep this stupid newsletter thing going because they’re afraid of Dr. Paul”

      You are a busy guy, what is motivating you to drive all the way up to Iowa to support Ron Paul while you have other work going on?

    “ I do whatever I’m passionate about. Right now I’m working on a couple fun projects and  I have a new book I am almost done with. I try to spend at least a third of my time in a 15 hour work day educating others and myself on the issues and Ron Paul. I am afraid if he is not elected, our country is headed for disaster. ”


             Why Ron Paul?

    “ One thing that sticks out about Dr. Paul is his character. Policy wise though. He is for smaller government, ending the IRS, bringing home the troops, ending senseless wars, ending the war on drugs and giving people the freedom to live their lives the way they want to live them. From a business perspective, I like the idea of keeping my taxes as low as possible, getting the government of my back with all these bogus regulations, the freedom to hire and fire as a I choose, and no minimum wage. The thing with minimum wage is, I believe in people working their way up. If there were no minimum wage, I could provide more people with the opportunity to work their way up through my companies. “

    Why do we need to end the war on drugs?

            “About half of our prisons are filled with non violent offenders.  We have almost 2.5 million people in incarcerated in America which is the highest in the world. For one, this is a huge burden on the tax payers. It costs the states around 50 billion dollars a year and the federal government around 5 billion. More importantly, it puts a lot of kids in prison who could have otherwise been productive citizens. Instead statistics show that they are likely to come out violent offenders.

          Furthermore war on drugs has been a huge failure! Until we wake up and see this, it will continue. Americans need to realize that the war on drugs is a war against every single one of us. Right now nearly 1 out of every 100 adults are in prison. We imprison more people in America than any other country in the world. How free do we think we are? The war on drugs accounts for about half of this. Also think about all the violence the war on drugs cause. We saw an extremely violent time during prohibition and thankfully we ended that. The fact is the war on drugs is a failure and needs to end.”

Ron Paul’s foreign Policy has also been under attack, you obviously support it, why?

    “First of all Bachman is a liar. She says that Ron Paul wants Iran to have a nuke. Dr. Paul has never said that. No one wants Iran to have a nuclear weapon. They all just spin things out of control and hope the American people are too dumb to realize what is going on.

            Santorum said Ron Paul’s foreign policy is “dangerous”. What is it like 40 percent of our national budget is spent on out military and our occupations around the world? We have over 900 bases in over 150 countries. This is dangerous! We over throw elected governments, occupy holy lands, bomb and kill innocent people all in the name of trying to spread our great democracy that we we’re not even close to mastering here. This is dangerous! Santorum and many others are talking about bombing Iran when in all likely hood this could set off world war 3… This is dangerous!

            Let’s think about what’s more dangerous for us… Iran with a nuclear missile that can’t reach America or Russia and China possibly backing Iran if we bomb them and having thousands of nuclear missiles pointed at us. That’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and I think a 1st grader could understand this. Oh yeah and by the way there’s no evidence that Iran even has one! And the people of Iran are great people. It’s a civilized place for the Middle East. I have faith in the Iranian people and believe they will soon over throw their government.”

             So you think his foreign policy will work better.

            “Yes. I think Dr. Paul’s foreign policy is the safest. It gets us out of everyone else’s business. What is the golden rule? Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. How the Hell would we feel if someone else was doing this to us? It is common sense. We have got to pull our heads out of our asses on this one.”


Your thoughts on Ron Paul and the economy:

    “For one he wants to cut a trillion dollars off the national debt his first year in office, he called the real estate collapse in 2003 five years before it happened. As someone who was heavily invested in real estate and is still recovering from the collapse, I just wish I would have known about Dr. Paul and Austrian Economics earlier.

    I have a unique perspective. Of course the real estate collapse affected me, but I am able to see how the middle class is affected at my martial arts gym. It is one of the largest in the country. We have the highest delinquency rate ever. People have simply hit hard times.

The most important thing Dr. Paul understands and no other candidate is even talking about is hyperinflation! It is truly the greatest danger we are facing. If it hits, the catastrophe will be unlike anything we could imagine.”

Why is his candidacy so important?

“He is calling every collapse and brings crucial issues like the Fed to the forefront.

    What is so bad about wanting to legalize the Constitution? You have to ask yourself the question: if all these people, who we don’t trust, are screaming and yelling, there is probably something to it. Can you imagine the head of fed, an Austrian economist? A president who will force congress, through veto to uphold The Constitution? A president who will actually take his oath of office, literally?

The Federal Government counts on using fear against people to take away our rights. NDAA just passed, why isn’t the mainstream media covering it? It took away our 5th and 6th amendment rights, and is the most dangerous bill that has ever been passed in my lifetime. The details of Patriot act, took away our 4th amendment rights. Why doesn’t the mainstream media actually report what’s in it? Obama-Care mandates, by force of  penalty that we buy insurance. Why didn’t Pelosi allow anyone to read it before it was signed in? These are logical questions we should be asking ourselves but instead we let the mainstream media feed us what it wants us to hear.”

Take us through how you’d see the other presidents doing if elected. Would you vote for any of the other Republicans?

“No, I wouldn’t vote for anyone else. They are much of the same. Big government crony capitalists. Santorum and Gingrich scare the hell out of me. I’d possibly vote for Obama over them. With the new NDAA that just got passed it wouldn’t surprise me if nut ball Gingrich or Santorum used that bill to indefinitely detain Americans like me who speak out. 

       But anyways no I wouldn’t vote for anyone else because it’s just more of the same big government Republicans.”

Thank you Ed for your time.

“You’re very welcome. Thank you.”


By -Madeleine Atchley

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