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Future Matches UFC Fight Night 63

By Scotty OTM / April 4, 2015

Future Matches UFC Fight Night 63 tells you who we think the winners and losers of this weekend’s event should face next. Do you agree? Future Matches UFC Fight Night 63 had a big matchup for the Featherweight division and only one of the fighters has a shot at a rematch with Aldo. Did they […]


UFC Fight Night 63 Predictions

By Scotty OTM / April 1, 2015

UFC Fight Night 63 has a pivotal matchup between Ricardo Lamas and Chad Mendes as they face off for a potential title shot at the Featherweight belt. UFC Fight Night 63 also has multiple Lightweight matches that could shift the landscape of that division. UFC Fight Night 63: Main Event Chad Mendes vs. Ricardo Lamas […]


UFC Fight night 63 Predictions

By Scotty OTM / March 23, 2015

UFC Fight night 63 Predictions has many big matches and is one of the best free cards in a long time. Who will come out with the wins this weekend? UFC Fight night 63 Predictions has a main event pitting two former number one contenders for the Featherweight title facing off in Ricardo Lamas and […]


UFC Matchup Roundup: Announced Fights

By Scotty OTM / January 29, 2015

UFC Matchup Roundup will tell you all the fights no matter big or small that has been announced in the last day or so. Did your fav fighters get a fight? UFC Matchup Roundup has fights that are now lined up for the over the next few months, from Heavyweight to Lightweight they come in […]


UFC 180 Predictions: Heavyweight Title Fight

By Scotty OTM / November 10, 2014

UFC 180 Predictions will gives you the lowdown on who we think will win the upcoming fights and how they will win. Do you agree with our UFC 180 Predictions? UFC 180 Predictions: Main Card Fabricio Werdum vs. Mark Hunt A lot of people are counting out Mark Hunt, but the bottom line is all it […]